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Reliable Software for Industry 4.0

The comprehensive Industrial Cloud offers technologies and solutions as the most affordable for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Cloud Platform for Digital Transformation!

Fogwing Industrial Cloud is the comprehensive software for Industry 4.0 solutions. Inbuilt Industrial Automation solutions provides features that easily integrate with industrial equipments for real-time performance tracking, visibility and process automation with the power of artificial intelligence.  Fogwing is the only platform that provides all capabilities required build your Automation Applications to integrate operational technologies (OT) and Information Technology (IT) . It is the rapid way to reach Industry 4.0 transformation!

Fogwing Software for Industry 4.0

Fogwing Industrial Cloud Architecture

Fogwing Industrial Cloud is the unique blend of Cloud, Industrial IoT, Edge and Artificial Intelligence stitched together with digital interfaces to solve digital transformation challenges. Small and Medium Enterprises are achieving the industrial equipment monitoring, performance tracking and process automation by adopting Fogwing Industrial Cloud.  This is a No-Code Cloud Platform for Industry 4.0 helps Business Leaders to rapidly adopt Digital Technologies to achieve the Industry transformation.

Fogwing Platform Architecture

The path towards a successful Industry 4.0 Transformation!

Industrial IoT Software

Scalable Industrial IoT Platform to start as small IoT footprint and grow globally to meet your growth.

IoT Data Analytics

Business User friendly data analytics application offers customer dashboard, prebuilt metrics and trends analysis.

EDGE Server

Pre-built Edge Server Devices with inbuilt Industrial connector for machine connectivity, data aggregation and metrics.

Asset Management

IoT enabled ACM software for Machine Monitoring, Health Metrics, Preventive Maintenance and Field Apps.

Smart MES Software

Smart MES supports IoT connectivity natively with machine to execute production orders seamlessly. 

Tools Management

The integrate factory tools management solution enhances production planning and maintenance accuracy.

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Industrial IoT Software

The complete no-code suite of features offered from device management, data processing, rules engine. The added IoT Data Analytics Studio help business users to personalize dashboard and metrics independently.

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Asset Management

Remote asset health monitoring and maintenance is complex to manage but with Asset+ and IoT connectivity, every pulse of machine data available instantly for proactive and predictive maintenance.

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Smart MES/MOM Solution

Start to digitize your factory production operations and monitor OEE, Downtown, Metrics and WO Progress with no investment. Add IoT connectivity to fully automate.

Fogwing Tools Management

Tools Management

Digitalize your shop floor tool usage, renting and lifetime management through the most simplified cloud application. Execute your production and machine maintenance accurately.

Fogwing is on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Fogwing is on Microsoft Azure!

High Availability

Fogwing hosted in Azure Infrastructure across different regions for reliability, high availability and low latency.

High Integrity

Virtual machines and data repository are replicated between regions for high integrity and continuously backed up in Azure Storage for DR.

High Security

Protected by Azure Security Center, Policy and Compliance enable to gain the Azure native end to end security, ISO27001 and SOC Certification.

Certified Devices

Tested and Certified Industrial IoT Gateways, Node and Actuators Provided

Enterprise Support!

Professional Service and Managed Service Support included as part of subscription


Complete product documentation and instructions are available for any users

Video Tutorials!

Video based step by steps instructions are provided to citizen developers

Built for Industrial Transformation!


High Performer in G2's Summer 2022 Report.

Once again, Fogwing has achieved High Performer on the G2 Grid for Summer 2022 for IoT Platforms for Small Business category. Thanks to our customers and community users for great feedback and appreciations….

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