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Trusted Industrial Software for Digital Success

Unlocking the Power of Industry with Our Comprehensive Industrial Software: Affordable Industry 4.0 technologies and solutions tailored for Small and Medium Enterprises.

Cloud Platform for Digital Transformation

Fogwing Industrial Cloud: Your All-in-One Solution for Industry 4.0 Advancements. Experience the Built-in Industrial Automation Features, Seamlessly Integrating with Industrial Equipment for Real-Time Performance Tracking, Enhanced Visibility, and AI-Driven Process Automation. Unlock the Full Potential of Industry 4.0 with Fogwing, the Only Platform Enabling Easy Integration of Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technology (IT) to Rapidly Propel Your Transformation Journey!

Fogwing Software for Industry 4.0

Fogwing Industrial Cloud Architecture

Fogwing Industrial Cloud is the unique blend of Cloud, Industrial IoT, Edge and Artificial Intelligence stitched together with digital interfaces to solve digital transformation challenges. Small and Medium Enterprises are achieving the industrial equipment monitoring, performance tracking and process automation by adopting Fogwing Industrial Cloud.  This is a No-Code Cloud Platform for Industry 4.0 helps Business Leaders to rapidly adopt Digital Technologies to achieve the Industry transformation.

Fogwing Platform Architecture

Software Provided by Fogwing Industrial Cloud

Product Offerings

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Unlock the Future of Efficiency and Innovation with Our Comprehensive Digitalization Solution. Elevate Your Operations with Everything You Need for a Seamless Digital Transformation.

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Smart CMMS

A powerful combination of CMMS Software and IoT-based Asset Condition Monitoring, doubling your asset management efficiency. Embrace digitalization for your maintenance operations today and unlock unparalleled efficiency gains.

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Smart MES

Embark on your factory floor digitalization journey by automating production planning, execution, and monitoring manufacturing KPIs. Seamlessly integrate your machines with MES for streamlined production automation.

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Production Monitoring

Experience next-level efficiency and precision with our Machine Monitoring Solution. Gain real-time Insights in OEE, Utilization, Yield, enhance performance, and ensure optimal production. Empower your operations with data-driven decision-making – elevate your productivity, every minute, every machine.

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Quality Inspection

Our Visual Quality Check Solution empowers your manufacturing process by harnessing the power of AI and Machine Learning. Ensure flawless products, improve efficiency, and eliminate costly errors. See the Unseen, enhance quality, and redefine precision in every step of your production line.

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Worker Safety

Our Eco Solution puts your employees' health first by constantly monitoring Air Quality. Stay ahead of potential risks, ensure a healthy environment, and comply with safety regulations. Elevate workplace safety, protect your team and your reputation – Breathe easier with Eco Air Pollution Monitoring Solution.

Fogwing IIoT Software

Industrial IoT

Our comprehensive IIoT platform, requiring no coding, encompasses device management, data processing, and seamless Cloud Integration. Plus, our IoT Data Studio empowers business users to customize dashboards and metrics, putting you in control of your industrial IoT experience.

Fogwing Tools Management

Tools Management

Modernize your shop floor tool usage, rentals, and lifecycle management effortlessly with our user-friendly cloud application. Achieve precise execution of production tasks and machine maintenance, all with the power of our Factory Tools solution. The complementary solution for industrial customers. .

Fogwing is on Microsoft Azure Cloud

Fogwing is on Microsoft Azure!

High Availability

Fogwing hosted in Azure Infrastructure across different regions for reliability, high availability and low latency.

High Integrity

Virtual machines and data repository are replicated between regions for high integrity and continuously backed up in Azure Storage for DR.

High Security

Protected by Azure Security Center, Policy and Compliance enable to gain the Azure native end to end security, ISO27001 and SOC Certification.

Certified Devices

Tested and Certified Industrial IoT Gateways, Node and Actuators Provided

Enterprise Support!

Professional Service and Managed Service Support included as part of subscription


Complete product documentation and instructions are available for any users

Video Tutorials!

Video based step by steps instructions are provided to citizen developers

Built for Industrial Transformation!

#1 No-Code Industrial IoT Platform for SMEs

Fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer Small-Business HighPerformer
fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer HighPerformer
fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer Small-Business AsiaPacific HighPerformer
Fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer Small-Business Asia HighPerformer
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Fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer 2023
Fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer for Small Business 2023
Fogwing achieved High Performer in Winter 2023 for IoT Platforms
Fogwing Achieved Best Support Award in Winter 2023
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