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Smart CMMS Software for Smarter Maintenance

Fogwing Asset+ is an IoT and AI enabled Smart CMMS Software that helps Maintenance and Reliability Managers to execute maintenance operations with real-time insights for higher reliability and performance.

Fogwing Smart CMMS Software
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Fogwing Asset+ All-in-One Solution

All-in-One CMMS Software powered by IoT and AI

Fogwing Asset+ represents a cutting-edge CMMS software infused with the capabilities of IoT and AI technologies. With Asset+, you’ll have all the tools necessary to streamline your maintenance operations, offering real-time insights that lead to enhanced operational efficiency and reduced costs.

The Fogwing Asset+ Devices help to connect with machines, collect sensor data, and detect conditions such as vibration, temperature, noise level, and energy consumption to identify predictable maintenance. The AI-powered anomaly detection helps to identify extreme conditions to prevent unpredictable downtime.

Everything You Need For Maintenance Operations

CMMS Software for seamless maintenance Management.

Stop manual operations. Adopt digital solution for operational efficiency.

Plan and Execute Work Orders Periodically

It is stressful to track all maintenance schedules, assignment and completion manually. Adopt Fogwing Asset+ CMMS Software to provide collaborative environment between Maintenance Managers and Field Engineers. 

  • Fogwing Asset+ allows to create, assign and execute unlimited work order for your entire team.

  • Schedule your maintenance works ahead by creating maintenance work orders and assign to field engineers proactively. 

  • Allow your team plan their days ahead by accessing the assigned work orders, work schedules from anywhere.

  • Asset+ is also a tracking system to capture maintenance reports, hours, metering from the field.

Create and Assign Maintenance Work Order using Fogwing Asset+ - Maintenance management software
Digitalize Maintenance Request

Accept Maintenance, Repair and Operational Request

Plan and schedule your preventive work order with just few clicks. Let Asset+ CMMS Software take the responsibility to automatically create work order and assign to respective team.

  • Schedule preventive work orders on daily, weekly, monthly or periodic basis.

  • You can pause or cancel the preventive work order anytime if it does not automated scheduling.

  • Keep track of your preventive work order vs on-demand request to justify the maintenance efficiency.

Real-Time Insights of Maintenance Operations

As your field engineering work on the maintenance orders, let them report the work status, findings and parts usage instantly through app. Get the overall progress and maintenance work effectiveness. 

  • Field engineers can Start, Hold and Complete the work order assigned to them as they progress in the day.

  • Allows the field engineers to reserve parts required to complete the work order and report On-Hold due to other technical issues.

  • Once work order is completed, Engineers submit the work hours and final comments for Manager's review.

Monitor Maintenance work progress using Fogwing Asset+

Automate Preventive Maintenance

Plan and schedule your preventive work order with just a few clicks. Let Asset+ take the responsibility to automatically create work orders and assign to the respective team.

  • Schedule preventive work orders on daily, weekly, monthly or periodic basis.

  • You can pause or cancel the preventive work order anytime if it is not required anymore.

  • Keep track of your preventive work order vs on-demand request to justify the maintenance efficiency.

Automate Preventive Maintenance
Maintenance Checklist Template and Procedure

Generated Checklists and Instructions with AI.

Create repeatable maintenance checklist and standard operating procedure as template. Enforce the checklist process as part of the work order for uniformity across team.

  • Easy to create checklist with standard operating steps using Recommendation Engine powered by OpenAI Generative AI. Reduce your paper based instructions or emails.

  • Assign the checklist to any asset or inspection work orders to enforce the process.

  • Let the maintenance engineers report the completion of the checklist as part of the work order completion. Instantly get ready for compliance reports.

Manage Part Inventory and Allocations

Materials and parts availability is super critical to complete the maintenance request on-time to compliance with SLA. Fogwing Asset+ CMMS Software simplifies it through inbuilt inventory management functions.

  • Create and Manage list of materials and parts information, variations, quantity, available locations in one place for quick access.

  • Allow Maintenance Engineers to reserve the parts against work order for on-time completions.

  • Keep track of parts cost against work order to accurately calculate the overall maintenance cost.

Manage Part Inventory and Reservation using Fogwing Asset+
Create PO and Manage Receivables

Create PO and Manage Stock Updates

Fogwing Asset+ provides Purchase Order module to prepare PO for a supplier to place the parts orders. As the goods received at the warehouse, update the stock inventory through receivables. 

  • Create Purchase Order with multiple line items, quantity requirements and itemized cost estimation.

  • Keep track of PO status, batch, lot and timeline of stocks to backtrack any recalls or defective items.

  • Single source of truth for all parts inventory, stock availability, PO and receivable.

Manage Suppliers, Customers and Engineers Contacts.

For collaborative maintenance operations, all information should be available in one place for faster and easier access. Fogwing Asset+ allows you to create and manage suppliers, customers and field engineers in one place. 

  • Add, modify and manager customers, suppliers and user master data for unified maintenance management.

  • Integrate with existing CRM, SCM and HR Management system through API Integration for seamless data sync.

  • Create and manage maintenance team members contact, rate card and availability for work order assignments and payroll calculations.

Manage Suppliers, Customers and Users
fogwing Asset+ IoT Integration diagram

IoT based Asset Condition Monitoring

Fogwing Asset+ solution offers IoT-based automated asset condition monitoring using Fogwing Asset+ Devices. Fogwing Asset+ devices come with sensors for monitoring various health parameters of the machines to detect the operating condition. These data sets help to detect and predict the condition and trigger automated work orders as proven predictive maintenance.

  • No manual metering is required from engineers anymore. Automated meter reading helps to track the asset usage and conditions accurately.

  • Fogwing Edge devices can be connected to your asset to capture various metering parameters such as vibration, flow and temp to keep track of asset performance.

  • Asset Performance Monitoring module presents 360 view of asset performance data for performance optimization.

Maintenance Metrics and KPIs

Fogwing Asset+ CMMS Software comes with inbuilt analytics engine to perform algorithms to capture various maintenance metrics and key performance indicators for easier presentation.

  • Provides Work order metrics including WO Trends, WO Completion, Pending, Deployed etc.

  • Asset metrics provides complete visibility in asset's MTTR, MTBF, preventive maintenance effectiveness through comparisons.

  • Cost metrics are provides visibility in top expensive assets, top expensive parts and high performing labor cost etc.

  • Download any metrics and charts as image or data to present to your management team as part of your monthly report.

Asset+ Dashboard and Metrics
Fogwing Asset+ Report Templates

Generate Reports Anytime

In addition to metrics and charts, Fogwing Asset+ also provides feature to create custom reports. You may chose the asset, metrics and parameters to generate report template which can be used to create report automatically.

  • Select the types of report, date range and unique report name to configure the template. Just one-click on Generate-Now to download the reports.

  • Export the report data as CSV and PDF files. Automate the report delivery through email (coming soon).

Mobile App for Maintenance HEROs

Fogwing Asset+ Mobile App for field Engineers

Mobile App for Engineers

Access assigned work orders information, compliance checklist and report work hours.

execute work orders

Start, Progress and Complete Work Orders based on the priority and asset conditions using mobile app.

Allocate Parts Required

Allocate parts according to asset condition and complete your work schedule as planned.

Integrate With Any Business System for Seamless Data Sync

Integrate Fogwing Asset+ CMMS Software with your ERP, CRM, Finance, Payload,  or any BI tools to automate data flow between CMMS and other systems. You have complete freedom to build your own integrations that required for your operations.

Fogwing assetplus integration with apps

Values driven by Fogwing Asset+ CMMS Software!


Increase Asset Availability

Automated the preventive maintenance and work allocations to manage the asset maintenance operations for preventing unplanned downtime, unpredictable faults and production losses.


No Paper Work, Digitize Maintenance

Stop using excel and notes to manually manage the maintenance jobs, work allocation and track. Start using Asset+ CMMS to digitally manage entire maintenance operations from anywhere and anytime.


Reduce Maintenance Operations Cost

Plan and schedule maintenance work orders and priorities based on the metering such as vibration, energy, usage data to accurately plan maintenance schedules. Reduce operational expenses up to 30% through efficiency.


Achieve higher ROI

Well planned maintenance operations helps to extend the life of the machine and lowering the production loss. Achieve higher return of investment from the assets. Increase the productivity to boost the ROI further.


Integrate IoT for Remote Access

Fogwing Edge helps to connect with any assets to read the machine parameters. Automate the metering to gather data, predict problems ahead, automate maintenance and control assets remotely.

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