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Affordable. Scalable.

Initiate your Industrial Transformation with minimal upfront investment. Propel Industry 4.0 projects forward, showcasing tangible Returns on Investment. 

Pick Your Solution. Begin Your Journey.

Our aim is to assist you in discovering the implementation cost that aligns seamlessly with your requirements and budget. Whether you are a medium or large enterprise, we have tailored transformation model for you. 

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Smart CMMS Pricing

Unlock the power of pay-per-user flexibility! Begin your digital maintenance journey with a small team and seamlessly build your practice. Elevate your operations with additional support from IoT and cutting-edge Gen AI for unparalleled excellence.

Fogwing Asset+ All-in-One Solution
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Production Monitoring Pricing

Effective production operations depend on vigilant production monitoring, and we believe that this essential service should be both impactful and budget-friendly. Reach out to us to delve into the pricing details of transitioning from conventional manufacturing to a digitized approach.

Fogwing Matrix: Elevate production monitoring. Harness IoT for real-time insights, OEE optimization, and efficient machine tracking.
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Visual Inspection Pricing

Relying on manual quality inspection introduces the risk of errors and consumes valuable time. Embrace automated visual inspection for accelerated and precise quality assurance at a rapid pace.  This advanced solution is highly cost-effective.

Fogwing Vision: Machine learning-driven quality inspection. Elevate accuracy and visibility in QC processes for smart manufacturing.
Fogwing IIoT Software

Industrial IoT Platform Pricing

Pay for your data, not for device connections. Choose a plan based on the volume of IoT data stored with the Fogwing IIoT Platform. This pricing model offers an economical way to onboard more data into Fogwing, reducing operational costs significantly.

Fogwing Data Studio Application
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MES / MOM Software Pricing

Transforming shop-floor operations into a digitalized environment is not a matter of months but weeks. Initiate the process with Fogwing MES for cost-effective and swift digital operations.

Smart MES Software SFactrix
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Pollution Monitoring Pricing

Ensuring worker safety is non-negotiable for continuous business reliability. Opt for Fogwing Eco as the ideal choice for installing factory pollution monitoring at an affordable price.

Fogwing Eco Industrial Air Pollution Monitoring Solution
Fogwing Tools Management

Tools Tracking Pricing

Factory tools are indirect assets that play a crucial role in machine operations. However, tracking their usage can be time-consuming and paper-based. Begin utilizing Fogwing tools, along with our other offerings, with zero upfront investment costs.

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Combo Offer

Fogwing Matrix & Asset+ CMMS Software

Fogwing Matrix: Elevate production monitoring. Harness IoT for real-time insights, OEE optimization, and efficient machine tracking.

Get high visibility in machine utilization, process and OEE through IoT enabled Production Monitoring Solution. 

Connect with your assets to monitor and measure overall health of the machines and equipment performance with predictable maintenance operations. 

Fogwing Asset+ All-in-One Solution

Do you need All-in-One Package?

We recognize the importance of private instances and scalability demands for your Industry, particularly in addressing large-scale Industry 4.0 transformation and data privacy compliance. Our dedicated instance plans offer cost-effective solutions that allow you to achieve your business objectives. If you’d like to learn more, including pricing details, please connect with us.

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