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Pay as you grow Pricing

Start your Digital Transformation at the lowest investment possible. Accelerate your projects as it proves the ROI. No Commitment. No Annual Contract Required. 

Pick your need, Start FREE!

Industrial IoT Software

The complete no-code suite of features offered from device management and data processing to rules engine. The added IoT Data Analytics Studio help business users to personalize dashboard and metrics independently.

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Asset Management

Remote asset health monitoring and maintenance is complex to manage but with Asset+ and IoT connectivity, every pulse of machine data is made accessible instantly for proactive and predictive maintenance

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Smart MES / MOM

Start digitalizing your Shop-Floor Execution, MRO, Plan and monitor Production Metrics and KPIs with no investment. Add IoT connectivity to fully automate.

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Air Pollution Monitoring

The simplest air pollution monitoring solution packaged with device and digital apps. Just buy, connect and monitor Air Quality for your factory and get preventive alerts!

Bundled offer

IIoT Platform + Asset Condition Monitoring


Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform is the No Code Device Management Solution for rapid IoT projects.  Just start your IoT project with no major investment.

Go beyond just IoT Connectivity by measuring and monitoring the overall health of the assets and individual equipment performance with predictable management solution. 

Asset+ Aasset Condition Monitoring Solution

Do you need All-in-One Package?

We understand that your IoT Solution requires private instance and scalability to meet large scale IoT needs and data privacy compliances. We have dedicated instance plan which give you the option to meet your IoT goals at lower costs under your own branding.  If you are interested to explore further, write to us.

If you are not sure where to start your IoT Journey?

Feel free to call us and get guidance.