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About Fogwing Cloud

We make traditional manufacturing as
Smarter Manufacturing

The innovative platform offering everything required to completely transform your manufacturing operations into smart manufacturing.

About Fogwing Cloud

The Mission Statement

Our objective is straightforward: Simplify the lives of industrial workers through digital technology. Fueled by an unyielding pursuit of excellence, a dedication to integrity, and an unwavering commitment to crafting meaningful industrial solutions, we rise each day inspired to redefine the limits of what can be achieved.

All in one place

Innovation First Approach

Anything and everything that we do with innovation in mind. We don't compromise ourselves until we find higher value solution for any challenge.

Out of the Box Thinking

As the youngest product team, we question everything. We don't follow traditions. We build everything differently.

Customer Centric Solution

We strongly believe that customer feedbacks are key drivers of world class innovations. We are excited to take any criticism as input to deliver great products.

Leadership Team

Hariharan Ganesh

Hariharan Ganesh

Founder and Chief

Raj Gupta

Raj Gupta

Chief Growth Officer

Management Team


Sasirekha V

Director of Operations


Manimudi E

Director of Services


Anbarasu P

Director of Engineering


Jayabharathi C

Director of Quality

The path that we never forget.

Fogwing was founded on a dream—a dream of making a difference, of bringing innovation as affordable, and leaving a lasting mark on the world. It all started in 2018, when our founder found the need: to challenge the status quo and redefine what’s possible.

Experience It. Be a pioneer.

“Our vision is anchored in the profound belief that the transformation of industry through digitalization is not just a goal—our unwavering commitment. We are dedicated to pioneering change by harnessing the power of innovative technologies.
Hariharan Ganesh
Founder & Chief

Our Achievements.

Over the years, Fogwing has achieved remarkable milestones. From best customer rating to G2 awards and notable Industrial Cloud platform among top 25 providers, we’ve consistently demonstrated our ability to turn dreams into reality.

Customer Recognitions and Awards

Fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer Small-Business HighPerformer
fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer HighPerformer
fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer Small-Business AsiaPacific HighPerformer
Fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer Small-Business Asia HighPerformer
fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer india HighPerformer
Fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer 2023
Fogwing IoT Management HighPerformer for Small Business 2023
Fogwing achieved High Performer in Winter 2023 for IoT Platforms
Fogwing Achieved Best Support Award in Winter 2023
Fogwing IIoT Platform User Love

The Team

Our Innovators think like you.

We firmly believe that freedom and innovation are the driving forces that propel us forward in today’s competitive world. Our team serves as the backbone, fueling the innovation of next-generation technologies for industrial transformation.

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