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Industrial Edge Devices for Machine Monitoring

The most affordable Industry grade edge devices for connecting with your factory machines, PLC and Sensors to collect operational data for data aggregation and processing directly with Fogwing Industrial Cloud.

Get Affordable Edge Devices for Rapid Implementation

Edge IoT Devices to Cloud Architecture

Fogwing Edge Devices are built on the basis of Edge Computing to facilitate data aggregation and data processing at a rapid speed at the source level rather than loading into Cloud. These qualified and insightful data are delivered to industrial users through applications for better decision-making. Fogwing Industrial Cloud provides a suite of products for Machine Monitoring and Maintenance Management that are powered by Fogwing IoT devices.  

Powerful Processors

Fogwing IoT devices comes with inbuilt computing processors for processing simple data aggregation to artificial intelligence requirements.

Node - Server Deployment

Low cost Fogwing Devices to powerful Fogwing Edge Server architecture ready to handle larger implementation to handle enterprise IIoT requirements.

Inbuilt WorkFlow Engine

Inbuilt low code workflow engine powered by No-RED allow to support any protocol communication to data flow requirements without writing code.

Ready To Deployment

Fogwing Devices are prebuilt for two-way communication with Fogwing Cloud which supports OTAA (Over-the-air-activation).

Fogwing Edge to Cloud Architecture
Fogwing Edge server v1

Fogwing Edge Server

Edge Server is a centralized edge computing units where all machine data is aggregated, cleansed and structured before sending to Fogwing Cloud. Highly applicable for large volume of machine monitoring and computer vision implementation. Also available as ML-Ready. 

Industry Grade Edge Server

Available in powerful 64-bit quad-core ARM Cortex-A72 processor or AI ready NVIDIA Jetson variations. Pick your version as per your budget and needs.

Artificial intelligence Ready

Dockerized environment to run Machine Learning or Computer Vision Models made from TensorFlow, OpenCV, Keras and more.


Available in various storage capacity of 8GB to 2TB for large volume of data aggregation.

Remote Access

Fogwing Edge Server is capable of receiving commands and instructions from Fogwing Cloud to provide remote access securely.

Fogwing Edge

Fogwing Edge devices are capable of connecting with any PLC, SCADA, Digital IO, Analog IO and Sensors to gather data to send to Fogwing Cloud directly. Applicable for both smaller projects to large scale implementation.

Ready to Connect

Fogwing devices supporting to connect to any machine and sensors through RJ45, GPIO, RS232 and RS485 ports.


Fogwing devices come with Ubuntu OS, Fogwing Edge Agent firmware, OTAA Firmware, Node-Red, Python and OpenWRT.

Industrial Protocols

Pre-Built workflow that helps to connect with machines to communicate in OPC-UA, Modbus, CANbus, ProfiNet protocols

Wireless communication

Fogwing Edge devices are capable of communicate to Fogwing Cloud directly or to Fogwing Edge Server through WIFI, 3G/4G Network. Hologram-Ready devices also available for global deployment.

Fogwing Edge Device V1

Industrial Use Cases

Machine Monitoring using Fogwing Edge

Machine Monitoring

Fogwing Edge connects to any modern CNC machines or legacy manual machines rapidly through industrial protocols or analog IO to capture machine data and send to Fogwing Cloud for production performance monitoring, asset condition monitoring and operational KPIs (OEE).

Process Automation with Fogwing Edge Devices

Process Automation

Fogwing Devices play the role of IT/ OT integration engine between your ERP/MRP and machines by transferring machine data to corporate systems and vise-versa. It enables to build workflow automation for seamless operations and rapid decision-making.

Preventive and predictive maintenance with Fogwing Edge Devices

PM / PdM Maintenance

Fogwing Edge connects with assets to collect runtime, vibration, energy and other parameters to identify the health condition to prepare preventive or predictable maintenance schedule automatically in Fogwing Asset+ Smart CMMS software.

production quality check using Fogwing Edge Devices

Quality Controls

Connect camera and deploy computer vision models in the Fogwing Edge Server to automate the production quality checks locally. Fogwing devices send these data to the Fogwing Cloud for data consolidation to prepare trend analysis, quality metrics and production efficiency reports.

Remote Access to Machines using Fogwing Edge Device

Remote Access

4G enabled Fogwing Edge Devices help to connect with assets deployed in remote places. Using Fogwing IIoT Platform send commands and instructions to your assets from anywhere and anytime. All communication goes through secure 256-bit end-to-end encrypted channel for secure access.

Asset Tracking using Fogwing Edge devices

Asset Tracking

Fogwing Edge devices come with an inbuilt 4G connection powered by Hologram SIM for global deployment. Simply connect Fogwing Edge to your asset and track the asset location from across the globe. Gather your asset geo-data to predict your asset movements for efficient logistics planning and operations.

Waste Management

Like every industry, access to live production data from the factory is always a great advantage; From Fogwing, we can track our production more effectively then ever before. it is simple to use, variety of analytics and competitive pricing.

Ganesh Shetty

Asst. Manager , Saahas Zero Waste

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