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Real-time Machine Monitoring System for Operational Visibility

Capture production data from your machines and operators using realtime machine monitoring for operational visibility. Get notified with downtime alerts instantly.

Fogwing Matrix: Elevate production monitoring. Harness IoT for real-time insights, OEE optimization, and efficient machine tracking.

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Top challenge in Production Operations.

Overcoming the hurdle of accessing precise, up-to-the-minute production data poses a significant challenge in manufacturing. Many manufacturers currently rely on manual data collection methods for machine Monitoring from their shop floors, which are not only laborious but also prone to errors. This manual process often translates to delayed and imprecise production data, rendering it ineffective for immediate action.

Consequently, this manual data collection for OEE Monitoring gives rise to extensive inefficiencies across the manufacturing landscape. It hampers the ability to initiate process enhancements or validate capital investments, while also leading to unanticipated machine downtimes and productivity losses.

The Solution.

Addressing the manufacturing challenge described above can be effectively achieved through the implementation of the Fogwing Matrix Machine Monitoring System. This comprehensive solution provides real-time insights into production operations, streamlining data collection and analysis processes.

Features of Fogwing Matrix for Machine Monitoring

Dashboard with Plant KPIs

Monitor and Track the OEE of assets and production performance metrics in a single window of application. Simply configure according to your priorities and get alerts relating to production issues. While measuring the performance metrics, compare the productivity against the work order to measure the completion ratio.  

Metrics Includes:  OEE, Operation Timing, Quantity vs Scrap, Work Order Progress etc.

Fogwing Matrix: Real-time dashboard. Instant visibility into machine performance. Monitor KPIs, track downtime, and optimize efficiency effortlessly.

Real-time Machine Monitoring

Time is cost in the manufacturing business. Factory’s operational efficiency is influenced by the execution time of work deliverables. Monitoring and Tracking runtime and downtime of each asset is practically not possible in traditional reading techniques. With just one click, Plant Manager can view the performance metrics of each asset as time-based metrics.

Metrics Includes:  Runtime Vs Downtime, Planned Production Vs Schedule Loss, Net Runrate, Production Vs Quality Loss.

Fogwing Matrix: Enterprise-grade production monitoring. Connect machines seamlessly. Gain insights into KPIs, downtime, rejection trends, and OEE metrics.

Machine Performance Metrics

Time is cost in the manufacturing business. Factory’s operational efficiency is influenced by the execution time of work deliverables. Monitoring and Tracking runtime and downtime of each asset is practically not possible in traditional reading techniques. With just one click, Plant Manager can view the performance metrics of each asset as time-based metrics.

Metrics Includes:  Runtime Vs Downtime, Planned Production Vs Schedule Loss, Net Runrate, Production Vs Quality Loss.

Fogwing Matrix

Production Process Monitoring

Fogwing Matrix presents a technology-driven solution that enables manufacturers to actively monitor, analyze, and enhance every aspect of their process parameters. This proactive approach not only elevates product quality and consistency but also yields substantial cost savings, boosts operational efficiency, minimizes downtime, ensures regulatory compliance, and ultimately fortifies competitiveness within the ever-evolving manufacturing environment of today.

Trend Analysis:  Get instant access to the production process parameters for current, trend and comparative analysis.

Fogwing Matrix - Process Monitoring

Downtime Pareto Analysis

The value of Fogwing Matrix downtime Pareto analysis lies in its ability to guide strategic decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and ultimately minimize downtime, contributing to a more resilient and high-performing production operation.

Metrics Includes:  Pareto analytics of machine downtime for planned and unplanned.

Planned Downtime Analysis

Machine breakdowns and downtime result in production delays and profit loss. Utilize Fogwing Edge IoT and HMI to capture reasons for production loss and downtime, increasing visibility. Implement proactive measures in preventive maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime.

Unplanned Downtime Analysis

Our solution harnesses the capabilities of HMI to offer real-time insights into machine stoppages, granting unprecedented control over your production processes. With this system, you can make informed, data-driven decisions to optimize machine efficiency and minimize costly downtime

Fogwing Matrix Machine Downtime stop reasons
Fogwing Matrix Machine Downtime fault reasons

How will it work with your machines?

RetroFit Sensor Connection

Current sensors are used to capture the electrical signals from the machine electrical inputs and outputs. Since it is retrofit it can be easily connected.

HMI Interface for operator inputs

All machines does not provide all data. Operators input are critical to validate machine data as well commitment .

Data Analysis and Intelligence

Inbuilt data processing engine consolidate all data for performance KPIs, dashboard and reports.

Dashboard and Visualization

Prebuilt dashboard, metrics and reports provide instant access to data visualization and actionable insights.

what makes Fogwing Matrix different

The values of Machine Monitoring

Automated Data Collection

Fogwing Matrix Machine Monitoring System automates the collection of production data directly from shop floor sensors and equipment. By eliminating manual data entry, it ensures accuracy and timeliness in data acquisition.

Real-Time Analytics

The system leverages advanced analytics capabilities to process data in real-time, providing instant visibility into production performance. This enables manufacturers to make informed decisions promptly, without delays.

Actionable Insights

With access to accurate and timely production data, manufacturers can derive actionable insights to drive process improvements. Fogwing Matrix Machine Monitoring System identifies inefficiencies and bottlenecks, empowering users to implement corrective measures proactively.

Predictive Maintenance

By monitoring machine performance in real-time, the system can anticipate potential breakdowns and schedule preventive maintenance activities. This minimizes unplanned downtime and enhances overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Plug and Play

Fogwing Matrix OEE Monitoring System seamlessly integrates with existing management systems and scales according to the needs of the manufacturing environment. It provides a flexible and customizable solution tailored to specific requirements.


By optimizing production processes and reducing downtime, the system delivers significant cost savings for manufacturers. It maximizes resource utilization and enhances overall operational efficiency.

Trusted by Leading Manufacturers

Mahindra Automobile Testimonial

In the Era of industry 4.0, live monitoring of OEE is essential. It saves non valuable time of data collection, OEE calculation in spread sheet & analysis of trend basis on the past data. This SFactrix platform is helping us for line efficiency improvement thru proactive action on the factors affecting the OEE. All the machine faults or breakdown can also be captured real time with cause & total down time.

Praveen Thomar

- Plant Manager

Fogwing Matrix - One Solution fit for all machines.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Machine Monitoring?

Machine Monitoring is a crucial aspect of production management in manufacturing industries. It’s a metric used to evaluate the performance of manufacturing processes, particularly the efficiency of equipment utilization. OEE provides insights into how well equipment is performing relative to its maximum potential.

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What are the key benefits of Machine Monitoring?

Machine monitoring offers several key benefits to manufacturing industries:

  1. Performance Visibility: OEE monitoring provides real-time insights into the performance of manufacturing equipment. It allows operators and managers to see how well equipment is operating at any given time, enabling them to quickly identify and address issues that may affect productivity.

  2. Efficiency Improvement: By analyzing OEE data, manufacturers can identify inefficiencies in their production processes and take steps to improve them. This may involve reducing downtime, optimizing equipment utilization, or streamlining workflows to enhance overall efficiency.

  3. Downtime Reduction: OEE monitoring helps to pinpoint the root causes of downtime, whether they are due to equipment failures, setup and changeover times, or other factors. By identifying and addressing these issues, manufacturers can minimize downtime and maximize production uptime.

  4. Quality Enhancement: OEE monitoring not only measures equipment efficiency but also evaluates the quality of output. By monitoring quality-related metrics within the OEE framework, manufacturers can identify defects, reduce scrap and rework, and improve overall product quality.

  5. Data-Driven Decision Making: OEE data provides valuable insights that can inform decision-making at all levels of the organization. By analyzing trends and patterns in OEE metrics, manufacturers can make data-driven decisions to optimize production processes, allocate resources effectively, and drive continuous improvement initiatives.

  6. Resource Optimization: OEE monitoring helps manufacturers optimize their use of resources, including equipment, materials, and labor. By maximizing equipment utilization and minimizing waste, manufacturers can reduce costs and improve profitability.

How Machine Monitoring works with your machines?

OEE monitoring with machines involves collecting real-time data on factors like downtime, production speed, and product quality. Fogwing Edge and Current Sensor interfaces gather this data, which is then analyzed to calculate OEE metrics. Matrix systems interpret these metrics to provide insights into equipment performance and efficiency. Operators and managers use this information to identify bottlenecks, optimize production schedules, and prioritize maintenance tasks. By continuously monitoring OEE, manufacturers can improve equipment utilization, minimize downtime, and enhance overall productivity in their manufacturing processes.

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How operators data collected for Machine monitoring?

Operators’ input such as stop reasons, fault reasons, quality rejection reasons are collected through Fogwing Edge HMI device. OEE metrics are calculated by combining sensors data on factors such as machine uptime, downtime reasons, production speed, and product quality. The Fogwing Edge HMI device aggregates and preprocesses this data locally before transmitting it to the Fogwing Cloud platform for further analysis. Manager can access real-time OEE metrics and insights through the Fogwing Cloud dashboard, enabling them to make data-driven decisions to optimize equipment performance and improve overall efficiency in manufacturing processes.

How long it takes to implement Machine Monitoring?

The implementation timeline for OEE monitoring typically ranges from 2 weeks to 10 weeks, depending on factors such as the number of machines to be connected, the complexity of the manufacturing processes, and the availability of resources. For smaller-scale implementations involving a few machines, the process may be completed in as little as 2 weeks. However, for larger-scale implementations with numerous machines and complex production environments, it may take up to 10 weeks to fully deploy OEE monitoring systems, including hardware installation, software configuration, testing, and training for operators.

Where is the data collected?

For OEE Monitoring, data is collected within Fogwing Industrial Cloud, specifically through Fogwing Matrix. Fogwing Industrial Cloud operates on Microsoft Azure Infrastructure, ensuring stringent data security standards. Azure’s infrastructure provides a robust foundation, leveraging industry-leading security protocols and compliance certifications. This ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data collected for OEE Monitoring, offering peace of mind to users regarding data protection and privacy.

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