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Industrial Revolution

Digitally Connect.
Attain Industry 4.0

Accelerate business excellence with intelligence at your fingers!

SFactrix Solution

Redefine your Growth with Fogwing Industry 4.0 Platform.

Your partner to attain the power of Industry 4.0 ecosystem to achieve digital solutions and  accelerate transformation through connectivity, productivity and excellence.

Digital Connectivity

Assets Productivity

Operational Excellence

Suite of Products for Rapid Digitization.

Industrial IoT Software

Fogwing Industrial IoT (IIoT) provides the foundation for Industry 4.0 Solution. Everything you need to build your Industrial IoT infrastructure and Device Management. This No-Code IoT Software is featured with wider support of Device Agnostic, IoT Network (Cellular, LoRaWAN, WIFI, Sigfox and NB-IoT), Cloud Storage, Data Rules, Alerts, Command and Data Visualization.

Fogwing IIoT Platform as a Service
Fogwing Analytics Studio App

IoT Data Analytics

With aggregated IoT Data, Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio helps our customers to measure the Performance Metrics and Operational Insights extracted out of data. The studio features the dashboard, control panel with various analytics and charts, alerts and data explorer features.

Smart Factory Solution

SFactrix.ai is the Intelligence Driven Manufacturing Operations Management Solution that transfer your traditional manufacturing processes to Digital Manufacturing. This Industrial IoT based real time production management and reporting solution is offered as software as a Services basis. 

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SFactrix Manufacturing Execution App
Fogwing Asset+ Health Monitoring App

Asset Condition Monitoring

Fogwing Asset+ is the Asset or Equipments Condition Monitoring Solution based on Industrial IoT Technologies to support enterprises adopt digital operations and preventive maintenance processes rapidly. The solution provides complete freedom monitor and analyze any critical health parameters as per your needs. Hardware and Intelligence Solution bundled together for you. 

Air Pollution Monitoring

Fogwing Eco Air Pollution Monitoring is the proven solution for assessing factory and work environment safety to meet compliances. The SaaS solution provides IoT based APM Kit and cloud software as a comprehensive package. Buy one time , configure and achieve safety certifications.

Fogwing Eco Industrial Pollution Monitoring
sfactrix logo black

Affordable Production Monitoring Solution for Plant Managers

The comprehensive solution to monitor and track the production efficiency and performance metrics at real-time.

SFactrix Control Room View

Trusted by 500+ SMB Users Globally

Innovating new way of business through digitalization
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Saahas Waste Management

Certified IoT Devices

Cellular Routers & Gateways

LoRaWAN Devices

Bundled offer

IIoT Platform + IoT Analytics Studio


Fogwing Industrial IoT is the No Code IoT Device Management Solution for rapid IoT projects.  Just start your IoT project with no major investment.

IoT Analytics Studio is the business user friendly NO Code analytics and visualization solution for Industrial IoT projects. It is an extension of the IIoT Platform for seamless integration with your machine data.

Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio


Highly Rated by our User Community.

Appreciated by our users for quick setup, rapid rollout, support documentation, platform easiness and enterprise grade support service.

Reworded for easy to use, support and enterprise grade features at community level with outstanding documentation support.

Industrial IoT Challenge 2021

The Industrial IoT Challenge is an online competition where you may exhibit your IoT talent and expertise by demonstrating Industry solution using Fogwing IIoT Platform. Explore this opportunity to show your solution to the IoT community.

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