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Digitally Connect. Monitor Assets. Optimize Production.

Attain Industry 4.0

Accelerate your operations with intelligence in your fingers! Fogwing Industrial Cloud provides everything you need to plan, execute and monitor factory productions.
Industrial Cloud for Smart Manufacturing

Redefine Your Growth with Industry 4.0.

Your partner to attain the power of Industry 4.0 ecosystem to achieve digital solutions and accelerate transformation through connectivity, productivity and excellence.

A Premier Industrial Cloud For Transformation.

Industrial IoT Software for Asset Data Management

Fogwing Industrial IoT (IIoT) Platform and Data Studio provides the foundation for your Industry 4.0 journey. Everything you need to build your connection with your assets for asset operational visibility. This No-Code Software is featured with wider support of IT / OT Integration through IoT Network, Cloud Storage, Data Processing, Alerts, Command and Data Analytics Visualization.

Industrial Cloud
SFactrix Manufacturing Execution App

Digitalize Factory Operations with Smart MES / MOM is Intelligence Driven Manufacturing Operations Management System that seamlessly facilitates transformation of your manual operations to digital processes with real-time monitoring and accelerate production excellence. The inbuilt Industrial IoT connectivity and AI solution is offered as monthly subscription services. Get Started FREE!!

Diminish Asset Downtime with Smart CMMS and APM

Fogwing Asset+ is the comprehensive asset management solution with CMMS and Asset Performance Monitoring helps to manage maintenance operations effectively. With the power of Fogwing Edge IoT and AI together, Fogwing Asset+ provides complete freedom to automatically monitor health parameters to automate maintenance operations.  Get Started FREE!

Fogwing Asset+ Health Monitoring App

Recognized as High Performer in G2 Grid

No-Code Industrial IoT Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises
Fogwing is the high performance in G2 spring 2022
Fogwing is the high performance in G2 Summer 2022
Fogwing is the high performance in G2 Fall 2022
Fogwing achieved High Performer in Winter 2023 for IoT Platforms
Fogwing Achieved Best Support Award in Winter 2023
Fogwing IIoT Platform User Love

Industrial Transformation is Progressive

Fogwing Industrial Cloud provides the tools required to make an incremental and frictionless Industry 4.0 transformation.

Connect with Machines

The first step towards digital transformation is breaking the boundaries. Utilize Industrial IoT to connect physical machines with digital systems and experience seamless data flow to the repository.

Performance Visibility

Data analysis is the second step of digital transformation. Leverage the data stored in the repository for analysis and to identify the machine performance. Gain real-time visibility of machine performance. 

Plan and Execute

The third step of digital transformation is the planning and execution of production operations with reality. The machine data insights and real-time performance metering enable smart manufacturing.


The final step of digital transformation is business optimization and growth. Leverage the insights measured across the organization to arrive KPIs for production optimization.

Highly Rated by Industrial Community.

Appreciated by our users for platform easiness and enterprise grade service.

Dream Big. Achieve Faster.

Increase your Production Efficiency and Quality by

1 %

Reduce Downtime Frequency and Operational Cost by

1 %

Increase Operator Productivity and safety by  

1 %

Trusted by 1500+ Small and Medium Businesses

Innovating new way of business through digitalization
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Production Monitoring Solution for Plant Managers

The comprehensive manufacturing software for production planning, execution and monitoring of overall operational efficiency and production performance at real-time

SFactrix Control Room View
Bundled offer

IIoT Platform + IoT Analytics Studio


Fogwing Industrial IoT is the No Code IoT Device Management Solution for rapid IoT projects.  Just start your IoT project with no major investment.

IoT Analytics Studio is the business user friendly NO Code analytics and visualization solution for Industrial IoT projects. It is an extension of the IIoT Platform for seamless integration with your machine data.

Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio

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Fogwing IIoT Platform Release Notes February 2023
Fogwing IIoT Platform Release Notes February 2023

Fogwing IIoT continues to update the platform with new updates and improvements. It’s designed to provide enhanced technologies and functionalities with a simple user interface. Fogwing IIoT platform Release notes February 2023 (Fogwing v2.14.) covers the comprehensive list of product-specific enhancements and new feature releases.   Key Updates from Fogwing IIoT

Lean Manufacturing brings a revolutionary change into the manufacturing industry.
Everything you need to know about the 8 Wastes of Lean Manufacturing

Do you know, how many manufacturers can actually claim that they have achieved 100% of Lean Manufacturing by eliminating all the 8 wastes? The no. is only a few. Lean Manufacturing brings a revolutionary change into the manufacturing industry. It is not just about implementing a few tools and techniques

Sfactrix release notes February 2023
SFactrix Release Notes February 2023

Here is the latest release from the SFactrix engineering team! SFactrix Release Notes February 2023 highlights a more updates available in SFactrix Smart MES (version SFactrix V2.21) that make the application much more user-friendly. SFactrix is a smart Manufacturing Execution System (MES) powered by IoT and AI that helps SME manufacturers

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