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Reduce 50% of workforce time wasted in preparation. Get Industrial AI assistance.

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Meet Spike AI - Your Industrial Assistant.

Fogwing Spike AI, one of the most advanced Industrial AI models, empowers industrial users by enabling them to implement cutting-edge practices in maintenance, production, and quality controls to enhanced efficiency in manufacturing operations.

Smart Maintenance

Optimizing Operations: Essential Checklist Recommendations

The state-of-the-art Maintenance Checklist Recommendation Engine (CRE) powered by Fogwing Spike AI. This ground-breaking Industrial AI technology empowers maintenance engineers and sets the stage for a transformative future in maintenance management.

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Industrial AI supported Maintenance
Smart Maintenance

Comprehensive Overview: Generative AI Assisted Maintenance Summary

The GPT model of Fogwing Spike AI generated maintenance summary report provides a comprehensive and insightful overview of the maintenance activities within an industrial setting. This innovative solution enhances the ability to streamline maintenance history to increased operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

AI supported Summary Report
Smart Production

Generative AI Assistance: Seamless Multi-language Support

Elevate operational insights globally with Generative AI assisted, multilingual summaries. Effortlessly comprehend and leverage data across languages, advancing informed decision-making and fostering cross-cultural collaboration for optimal results.

Multi-language Support
Smart Quality

Unleashing Computer Vision for Unparalleled Quality Enhancement.

Our cutting-edge technology ensures meticulous inspection and improvement, elevating standards and efficiency for unparalleled precision in every aspect of your processes. Automate the quality reports through computer vision models of Fogwing Spike AI Platform.

The Industrial AI Platform offers every models for transformation.

The Fogwing Spike AI Platform is your catalyst for transformation, providing a diverse array of models. Tailored to meet various industry needs, our platform ensures innovation, efficiency, and optimization across operations, empowering businesses to thrive in the era of intelligent industrial transformation.

AI Assistance

Enhance maintenance operations with GPT-powered AI assistance. Leveraging advanced language models, it streamlines communication, troubleshoots effectively, and improves overall efficiency in the maintenance workflow for optimal performance.


Proactive Maintenance: Unlock peak asset reliability with our AI platform. Leveraging advanced analytics and predictive models, it optimizes operations, foreseeing issues and ensuring maximum reliability for sustained business success.


Elevate quality control with computer vision. Our advanced technology ensures meticulous inspections, detects defects, and enhances overall product quality, bringing precision and efficiency to your manufacturing processes.


Empower executives with Spike AI ChatBot assistance. Providing quick information, and facilitating seamless communication, it enhances executive productivity and decision-making, ensuring optimal efficiency in operations

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