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Digital Transformation

Fogwing Industrial Solutions for Growth

Adopt Industrial Solutions; Listen to the data generated by your assets; Plan, Predict and Innovate! Grow your business rapidly!

Drive Data Driven Digital Transformation.

Digital Manufacturing for Automotive Industry

Attach IoT enabled sensors to your critical shop floor machines; Monitor your equipments, track running time, heat, vibration and many other data to measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). In addition, predict maintenance prior of unexpected downtime.  Achieve higher production efficiency with Fogwing IIoT Platform;

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Food and beverage

Digital Solutions for Food and Beverage Production

In the dynamic landscape of the Food and Beverage industry, operational efficiency is paramount for sustained success. Operational efficiency play a pivotal role in ensuring uninterrupted business operations. The adoption of a Smart IoT Solution designed for smart production, smart maintenance and smart quality management to enhance overall operational excellence.

Digitally Transforming Pharma Manufacturing

Connect your machines using IoT technologies inside Pharma Manufacturing, for higher visibility in production operations, compound preparations, effective machine operations, faster delivery with profitability.

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industrial iot solution for oil pump monitoring

Operational Efficiency for Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and Gas industries have deployed many machines across remote locations and oil fields to run their productions. Physically monitoring and tracking the asset condition is really hard and practically impossible. Deploy Industrial IoT based sensor solutions to connect with machines, reading the utilization, conditions, plan and execute operations for better yield. 

Monitor and track machine performance from anywhere and anytime.  

Real-time Monitoring for Energy Management

Industrial Energy Usage and Storage is critical for continuous business operations. Adopting Industrial IoT Solution based energy production, storage and usage monitoring helps to understand the energy efficiency trends and predict the demands. 

Whether it is electrical or water or any natural resources, effective way of utilization leads to profitable business.

Explore the solution options for your industry.


Fogwing Industrial Cloud

OUR Solutions

Fogwing Asset+ All-in-One Solution

Smart Maintenance

Unlock operational excellence! Proactively optimize equipment performance, reduce downtime, and extend the life of your assets. Elevate efficiency effortlessly.
Fogwing Matrix: Elevate production monitoring. Harness IoT for real-time insights, OEE optimization, and efficient machine tracking.

Smart Production

Harness cutting-edge IoT technology for real-time insights, streamlined workflows, and optimal efficiency. Revolutionize your operations for unparalleled success.
Fogwing Vision: Machine learning-driven quality inspection. Elevate accuracy and visibility in QC processes for smart manufacturing.

Smart Quality Control

Ensure top quality at every step of production process with advanced technology, real-time monitoring, and precision tools. Elevate your standards, elevate your success.

Dream Big. Achieve Faster.

Increase Machine Production Efficiency by

1 %

Reduce Maintenance Frequency and Operational Cost by

1 %

Worker safety and environmental compliance by  

1 %

Knowledge Hub for Industrial Solutions

Lean Manufacturing System – Essentials

In today’s manufacturing landscape, streamlining processes, maximizing efficiency, and minimizing waste are paramount to operating profitably. Lean manufacturing system is a proven strategy for implementing best practices for better yield. 

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Fogwing Asset+ Release April 2024
Fogwing Asset+ Release April 2024

At Fogwing, we are committed to constantly improving our products and providing the best possible experience to our users. With each new release, we strive to enhance the functionality, user

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