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Adopt Industrial Solutions; Listen to the data generated by your assets; Plan, Predict and Innovate! Grow your business rapidly!

Drive Innovation By Analyzing Data Provided By Assets and Machines.

Digital Manufacturing for Automotive Industry

Attach IoT enabled sensors to your critical shop floor machines; Monitor your equipments, track running time, heat, vibration and many other data to measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). In addition, predict maintenance prior of unexpected downtime.  Achieve higher production efficiency with Fogwing IIoT Platform;

industrial solutions
industrial iot solution for oil pump monitoring

Operational Efficiency for Oil and GAS Industry

Oil and Gas industries have deployed many machines across remote locations and oil fields to run their productions. Physically monitoring and tracking the asset condition is really hard and practically impossible. Deploy Industrial IoT based sensor solutions to connect with machines, reading the utilization, conditions, plan and execute operations for better yield. 

Monitor and track machine performance from anywhere and anytime.  

Asset Tracking for Transportation

Planning and scheduling the production action is critical for any industrial production. However, production relies on supply chain and material availability. Implementing Industrial IoT solution-based asset location tracking and materials quality and quantity assessment at real-time visibility for better planning and management.

IoT solutions facilitate the best ways to build supply chain network for modern manufacturing.

industrial iot solution for mining truck tracking

Real-time Monitoring for Energy Management

Industrial Energy Usage and Storage is critical for continuous business operations. Adopting Industrial IoT Solution based energy production, storage and usage monitoring helps to understand the energy efficiency trends and predict the demands. 

Whether it is electrical or water or any natural resources, effective way of utilization leads to profitable business.

Explore the solution options for your industry.

Industrial Solutions for Industry 4.0

Condition Monitoring

Health Monitoring

Fogwing Asset Health Monitoring Solution enables machine condition monitoring, performance tracking, health check and digital trend analysis.

MES Software

Operations Management

SFactrix is the smart manufacturing operations management software for capturing production data from machines, operators and administration to visualize OEE.

Dream Big. Achieve Faster.

Increase Machine Production Efficiency by

1 %

Reduce Maintenance Frequency and Operational Cost by

1 %

Worker safety and environmental compliance by  

1 %

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