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Real-time Production Monitoring for Visibility

Empower your production operations team with production monitoring solution: Harness power of IoT for effortless machine monitoring, utilization, quality, downtime tracking, and OEE optimization!

Fogwing Matrix: Elevate production monitoring. Harness IoT for real-time insights, OEE optimization, and efficient machine tracking.

Over 10,000+ Manufacturing Operators trust Fogwing for Productive Day

Fogwing Matrix: Real-time Production Monitoring

Fogwing Matrix: Real-time dashboard. Instant visibility into machine performance. Monitor KPIs, track downtime, and optimize efficiency effortlessly.

Plant Production Operations Monitoring

Say goodbye to manual data collection and embrace the efficiency of Fogwing Production Monitoring Software. Our solution seamlessly connects with your machines, capturing production data. Powered by the cutting-edge Fogwing Edge and HMI devices, it brings a new level of automation and intelligence to your manufacturing process.

Gain valuable insights into key performance indicators (KPIs), receive real-time downtime alerts, track loss-based metrics, analyze rejection trends, and monitor OEE metrics effortlessly.

Instant Visibility in Machine Performance Monitoring

Our time-based metrics offer valuable insights that empower you to make informed decisions.

By leveraging our real-time production monitoring and time-based metrics, you can enhance your factory’s operational efficiency, reduce costs, and increase overall productivity. Don’t let time slip away—seize control of your manufacturing process and unlock the potential for accelerated success.

Metrics Includes:  Runtime Vs Downtime, Planned Production Vs Schedule Loss and Efficiency.

Fogwing Matrix: Enterprise-grade production monitoring. Connect machines seamlessly. Gain insights into KPIs, downtime, rejection trends, and OEE metrics.

Access to Production Process Monitoring

Fogwing Matrix offers technology-driven approach empowers manufacturers to proactively track, analyze, and optimize every facet of your process parameters. By doing so, it not only enhances product quality and consistency but also drives significant cost savings, improves operational efficiency, reduces downtime, ensures regulatory compliance, and ultimately strengthens competitiveness in today’s dynamic manufacturing landscape.

Trend Analysis:  Get instant access to the production process parameters for current, trend and comparative analysis.

Access OEE Metrics and Manufacturing KPIs

By capturing real-time data from machine availability, performance and quality, you gain instant visibility into production efficiency and wastages. Identify potential issues promptly, take immediate corrective actions, and optimize your operations like never before.

Metrics Includes:  Efficiency, Slow Cycle, Production Volume and Quality Efficiency.

Fogwing Matrix

Know More About Downtime and Reasons

Fogwing Matrix Machine Downtime fault reasons

Unplanned Downtime

Machine breakdowns and downtime cause production delays and lead to profit Loss. Leverage Fogwing Edge IoT and HMI to capture production loss and downtime reasons for higher visibility. Take proactive steps in preventive maintenance to minimize unplanned downtime.

Fogwing Matrix Machine Downtime stop reasons

Planned Downtime

Our solution leverages the power of HMI to provide real-time insights into machine stoppages, helping you take control of your production processes like never before. With this system, you can make data-driven decisions to enhance machine efficiency and reduce costly downtime.

Downtime Trends and Pareto Analysis

The value of Fogwing Matrix downtime Pareto analysis lies in its ability to guide strategic decision-making, optimize resource allocation, and ultimately minimize downtime, contributing to a more resilient and high-performing production operation.

Metrics Includes:  Pareto analytics of machine downtime for planned and unplanned.

Embrace IoT for Automated Production Monitoring!

With the power of Fogwing IIoT, we bring you a game-changing solution that seamlessly connects your machines, controllers and PLCs, creating a network that captures valuable machine data at every step of the production line. No more guesswork or relying on outdated paper tracking methods—Our platform provides you with a comprehensive and accurate picture of your production metrics.

Fogwing Matrix cloud Integration

Edge Devices for Production Monitoring

Fogwing Edge and HMI devices are capable of connecting with any PLC, SCADA, Digital, Analog machines and Sensors to gather production data for production analysis.

Ready to Connect

Fogwing devices supporting to connect to any machine and sensors through RJ45, GPIO, RS232 and RS485 ports.


Fogwing Matrix devices have built-in Linux OS, Fogwing Edge Agent firmware, OTAA Firmware, Matrix HMI App and network configurator.

Industrial Protocols

Pre-Built workflow that helps to connect with machines to communicate in OPC-UA, Modbus, ProfiNet protocols

Wireless communication

Fogwing edge devices are available with WIFI, 4G network connectivity. Inbuilt SIM module helps to deploy at global scale.

Industry Use CASES
Who will gain benefits from Production Monitoring.

Throw your paper based record book and imaginary tracking. Adopt digital platform to automatically capture data, perform analysis and track operational efficiency. Just start today.

Meet the demand of customer orders within the capacity to gain business profits and customer satisfication.

Quality of production and consistent net run rate are critical to meet global food supply demands.  

Discrete manufacturing required a well establish production operational processes and production visibility to meet demands. 

Equipment condition and efficiency monitoring remotely are critical to Opex cost and satisfy supply demands. 

Mining and Other materials supplier required 24 hours of constant remote operation monitoring to meet demands. 

Begin with a Foundation, Scale Limitlessly.

Experience Affordability, Flexibility, and Seamless Scalability with Our Tailor-Made Pricing Model from SME to Enterprises.


Per Machine | Annual Contract
$ 55
00 Month
  • Realtime Production Monitoring and OEE Tracker at the lowest Cost


Per Plant | Annual Contract
$ $$$
00 Month
  • All-Inclusive Solutions for Enterprise-Level Plant Production Monitoring


Get Started Package

Get realtime manufacturing performance, quality and availability data from your assets through IoT Connectivity. 

All in one-package with Edge Device, IoT Enabled HMI, Software and Implementation Support to get started quickly.

  1. IoT Edge with Sensors
  2. HMI Device for Operator Inputs
  3. 10 Hours Implementation Service
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