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Introducing Spike AI Copilot - Industrial AI Assistance to increase efficiency by 40%

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Discover the power of Fogwing Industrial Cloud, the cutting-edge cloud service embraced by enterprises worldwide. Dive into success stories of digital transformation, witnessing how our clients implemented Industry 4.0 Solutions and propelled their businesses forward. 

Waste Management


Digitalization of Industrial Waste Management Operations

Environmental Monitoring

Food Production Monitoring

Enhancing food production efficiency with production monitoring system

Environmental Monitoring

Asset Monitoring

Water Station Monitoring and Management

Automative Production

Production Execution

Digitalization of Parts Production Execution and Reporting

OEM Manufacturing

Production Monitoring

Performance Monitoring and Production Optimization

FMCG Case Study

Quality Monitoring

Industrial Water Quality Monitoring Solution

more coming....

What People Say?

Mahindra Automobile Testimonial

In the Era of industry 4.0, live monitoring of OEE is essential. It saves non valuable time of data collection, OEE calculation in spread sheet & analysis of trend basis on the past data. SFactrix platform is helping us for line efficiency improvement thru proactive action on the factors affecting the OEE. All the machine faults or breakdown can also be captured real time with cause & total down time.

– Praveen Thomar , Plant Manager

What do you like best?

Simple and intuitive work flow, does not require very detailed technical knowledge to set up any device. Documentation is quite good. Device management is made so easy with this platform. Fogwing enables us to have our device data recorded centrally and available realtime across users and customers.

– Mahuya , Principal Project Officer

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