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Digital Solutions for Food and Beverage Production

Connect with your machines using IoT technologies for higher visibility in production operations, compound preparations, effective machine operations, faster delivery with profitability in Food and Beverage.

Digital Solutions for Food and Beverage

Food and beverage

Food Production process monitoring

Capture and monitor the production process data using Industrial IoT connectivity and cloud storage solution.

Measure the materials usage, chemical composition data, and processing parameters for quality controls.

Track the machine runtime, downtime, cool down time and material distributions for performance metrics.

Protect the environment from spillover and leakages by monitoring the flow of materials through pipelines.

Digitalize Production Execution

Traditional production planning and execution approach is of low competitive advantage. It’s best to digitalize the production planning and execution as a software driven practice.

Real-time visibility of production efficiency from anywhere in the world. 

Get quick access to allocate / route the work orders depending on the slow cycle and machine efficiency.

Prepare production schedule and job allocations based on demands and track good quantity, rejection and cost of completion.

food production execution system
Food and beverage

Predictive Machine Maintenance

Every machines availability and performance is critical for efficient manufacturing operations. Maintenance is the key.

Start reading machine runtime, vibration, temp and energy consumptions using IoT technologies.

Measure, Compare and Analyze the machine health trends and fault frequency to predict the maintenance requirements.

Plan and execute preventive maintenance of machine based on the prediction of machine health conditions for lower downtime.

Vision Systems for quality inspection

Automated vision system for quality inspection to detect fault, damage and rejections from production floor. 

Real-time visibility of defective items through AI driven vision sensing solution.

Faster and accurate way to inspect all parts from production machines rather than sampling. 

Accurately capture the good quality vs rejection counts against production orders for real-time operational visibility.

vision system for food quality inspection

Our Software Solutions for Food and Beverage

MES Software

Smart MES Software

SFactrix is the smart manufacturing solution for capturing production data from machines, operators and administration to visualize OEE.

Condition Monitoring

Machine Monitoring

Fogwing Asset Condition Monitoring Solution executes machine condition monitoring, performance tracking, health check and digital trend analysis.

Dream Big. Achieve Faster.

Reduce Inventory Cost of Goods

1 %

Increase Productivity Rapidly

1 %

Quickly Reduce Machine Downtime

1 %

Increase Production Throughput

1 %

Improve Accuracy in Forecasting

1 %

Increase Total Cost of Quality 

1 %

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