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Energy Management

Digital Solutions for Energy Management

Connect with your machines using IoT technologies for higher visibility of usage, tracking energy consumption and control the waste for efficient Energy Management.

Digital Solutions for Energy Management

Fogwing energy meter solution

Energy Usage Monitoring

Energy usage is the most single most expense in industrial operations. Traditional, business does not have technology to monitor the energy consumptions at realtime. Fogwing Platform provides solution to deploy various kind of energy (Power, Water and Gas) monitoring sensors with gateway to measure the consumption at realtime. All the energy data consolidated in the cloud storage, analyzed and visually presented to management for better decision making.

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Energy Wastage Monitoring and Control

Industrial equipments are the biggest consumer of the energy sources (Power, Water and Gas) in the industrial environment. The equipments running on unproductive period is considered as energy waste. However it is very complex to measure the product vs unproductive energy usage in today’s energy meters. By combining the productivity data with energy consumption data helps to accurately identify the energy waste. Fogwing Platform supports to capture both productivity data and energy consumption to arrive the waste and apply automated controllers.

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Fogwing industry boiler gas burner
Fogwing Solar Energy Storage Monitoring

Energy Storage Monitoring

Storing the energy plays vital role in sustainable industry operations by consuming energy from bank while primary source is unavailable. Either it is Solar energy or Liquid form of energy (Oil and Gas), it is extremely important to measure the energy storage availability to plan the industrial operations accordingly. Fogwing Platform provides solution to monitor the solar energy stored in battery or Oil and Gas availability in the containers, by deploying the adequate sensors to measure the availability. The single platform that can solve both storage and consumption to arrive the energy efficiency.

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Energy Efficiency Reporting

If you are in energy distribution and management business then providing realtime energy report to your consumers are critical for customer satisfaction. However building and managing entire consumer energy reporting application is expensive. Fogwing Platform provides energy monitoring and visualization software on subscription basis to provide end user monitoring and reporting. The inbuilt alert modules helps the end user to set the energy usage alert on their own phase and get reported periodically.

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Fogwing Energy Usage Reports

Our Solutions for Industrial Energy Monitoring

Fogwing IIoT Cloud: Build your custom IoT solution with zero upfront investment. The comprehensive and no-code IIoT platform for digital automation.

Industrial IoT for Energy Reading

The value of Industrial IoT in energy reading lies in its ability to provide real-time insights, enhance accuracy, enable predictive analytics, optimize costs, facilitate remote management, ensure compliance, and offer scalability

Fogwing Eco-Design

Pollution Monitoring for Energy Producers

Pollution monitoring in the energy industry ensures compliance, minimizes environmental impact, and promotes sustainable practices, fostering responsible energy production for a cleaner, healthier planet.

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