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Stay a top performer. Learn the latest technologies and business processes. Achieve your goals faster. 

Elevate Your Skills with
Fogwing Training and Certifications Programs.

Fogwing Academy offers an array of Training and Certifications programs for Industrial Practitioners . Whether you are a beginner or Industry Operator who is looking to expand your knowledge and skills on Industry 4.0 and associated realms, we offer you the best pick from our range of training and certification courses.

IoT Platform Training Online Access


Industrial IoT Essentials

Start with basics of Industrial IoT, get trained in IIoT platform, Analytics Studio and implementation. Get Certified.


Industrial IoT Advanced

Go deeper into the features of Industrial IoT Platform, Analytics and learn every possibilities of success. Get Certifed.




Maintenance Team Training

Special training program customized to help maintenance engineer team to adopt the Smart CMMS Solution rapidly.


CMMS Admin Training

Exclusive training program for Maintenance Manager to leverage Fogwing Asset+ CMMS to execute maintenance operations.


Asset+ Kit Installation

Get trained in Fogwing Asset+ device installation to install and monitor asset health and optimize maintenance frequency.

What is Fogwing Academy?

Fogwing Academy’s mission is to transform industrial operations with digital technologies by offering free online trainings programs.

From simple essential training classes to strategy courses and comprehensive accomplishment, there are tailor-made training and courses for everyone to learn on-demand IoT skills and enhance capabilities to compete in the global market.

As an official learning platform, Fogwing Academy aims to educate users on the Fogwing Platform to help build connected systems, deploy in production, and operate business efficiently.


Learn more from our Learning Center

What is RCM Analysis?

Learning Center Asset Management Breakdown Maintenance Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) analysis is a systematic approach used to determine the maintenance requirements of physical assets in their operating context. The goal


Benefits of Reliability Centered Maintenance

Learning Center Asset Management The Benefits of Reliability Centered Maintenance In the world of equipment and facility management, keeping everything running smoothly is essential. One effective strategy for achieving this


Risked Based Inspection​

Learning Center Asset Management Risked Based Inspection In industries that manage large-scale machinery, equipment, and facilities, keeping everything running smoothly is essential. To achieve this, companies use various maintenance strategies.

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