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Fogwing is the comprehensive Industrial Cloud that offers the digital technology you need to achieve smart manufacturing. Whether you want to monitor asset performance, production metrics, maintenance management, or transform your traditional factory into smart factory, Fogwing provides everything you need.

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The vision is to simplify the Industry 4.0 transformation with the power of Industrial IoT and Artificial Intelligence technologies. Fogwing is the only “No Code” Industrial Cloud Platform that provides comprehensive features to support any industry size to achieve digital projects without technological expertise. In the “Make Industry Better” mission, our cloud platform allows you to start as small as possible and accelerate rapidly to meet enterprises. 

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Fogwing IIoT Software

Industrial IoT Software

The complete no-code IIoT Platform offers device management, data processing and Cloud Integration. The added IoT Data Studio helps business users to personalize dashboard and metrics.

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Smart CMMS Software

New Fogwing Asset+ provides IoT based Asset Performance Monitoring and CMMS Software together to double the asset management efficiency. Digitalize your maintenance operations now.

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Smart MES / MOM

Start digitalizing your factory floor production planning, execution, work allocation, and track the achievement as KPIs. Integrate your machines with MES to achieve seemless production automation.

Fogwing Tools Management

Tools Management

Digitalize your shop floor tool usage, renting and lifetime management through the most simplified cloud application. Execute your production and machine maintenance accurately.

Product Documentation and User Guides

Industrial IoT Platform

Step by step documentation will help to understand the no code IoT configurations easily.

Smart CMMS Software

Complete guide to digitalize maintenance operations using Smart CMMS Software. Explore more.

Smart MES Software

Step by step guide to configure your factory structure and jump into digital shop floor operations within few hours.

Industry 4.0 Guide

Get insights in Industry 4.0 transformation, from strategy to implementation. Watch videos and demos to gain knowledge.

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