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Asset Condition Monitoring Solution

Aggregate machine health and utilization data from your machines at realtime to analyze machine condition and efficiency. Predict and prevent machine failures.

Fogwing Asset Condition Monitoring Solution

Achieve higher ROI from your Assets

Everything you need to know about your asset and its performance

Fogwing Asset+ All-in-One Solution

Comprehensive Asset Management solution

Fogwing Asset+ is the comprehensive IoT solution that provides Asset Condition Monitoring and Performance Management capability to connect , collect usage data, detect condition data and energy consumption from machines and equipment through sensors. It allows to have a real-time access to these machine functions and supports monitoring and diagnostics. The Artificial Intelligence powered Anomaly detection and trend analysis helps to identify the extreme conditions and take proactive decisions faster.

fogwing Asset+ IoT Integration diagram

IoT based Asset Condition Monitoring

Fogwing Asset+ solution offers IoT-based automated asset condition monitoring using Fogwing Asset+ Devices. Fogwing Asset+ devices come with sensors for monitoring various health parameters of the machines to detect the operating condition. These data sets help to detect and predict the condition and trigger automated work orders as proven predictive maintenance.

Real-time Asset Health Monitoring

Quick access to see the current value of different parameters in single window instantly. Set the upper and lower limit of the value to visualize in gauge meter. Change the asset quickly to check asset by asset or at device level.

Asset+ Current View of Assets
Asset+ Custom Analysis View

Periodic Data Analysis

Query the data for any period and compare between multiple assets to understand the performance comparison and trends to detect machine downgrading.

  • Export the data chart as image, file and data as CSV.

  • Drill-down the data for specific period to have deeper look in trend changes.

Fogwing Asset+ Device for Condition Monitoring

IoT Device and Sensors

High performance industry grade device with current, vibration, noise and temperature sensors. Just Plug-and-Plug installation.

Industrial IoT Integration

Prebuilt integration with Fogwing IIoT Platform. Just connect any equipment and start tracking the performance.


Fogwing Asset+ devices are available with WIFI, 4G network connectivity. Inbuilt SIM module helps to deploy at global scale.

Get Asset Monitoring Solution. Lower Your Maintenance Expenses.

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