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Automate Asset Monitoring with IoT

Aggregate machine health and utilization data from your machines at realtime to analyze machine condition and efficiency. Predict and prevent machine failures.

Condition Monitoring

Machine Condition Monitoring in just 3 Simple Steps

Buy Subscription

Reach to us to create your account within our cloud setup and establish your Asset Condition Monitoring.

Connect Machines

Simply configure IoT devices to connect with your machines to capture requirement data points at real-time for metrics.

Get Machine Metrics

Get real-time data from machines and start tracking device health, utilization, energy, performance metrics from anywhere. Anytime.

Achieve higher ROI from your Assets

Everything you need to know about your asset and its performance

AI Powered Asset Management

Fogwing Asset+ is the comprehensive IoT solution that provides Asset Condition Monitoring and Performance Management capability to connect , collect usage data, detect condition data and energy consumption from machines and equipment through sensors. It allows to have a real-time access to these machine functions and supports monitoring and diagnostics. The Artificial Intelligence powered Anomaly detection and trend analysis helps to identify the extreme conditions and take proactive decisions faster.

Monitor Machine Performance

You may personalize your dashboard metrics and charts as per your preference. Choose any asset, parameter, period and chart type to add cards accordingly. Have a close watch on your assets at your phase.

  • Add unlimited widgets based on your needs. Modify anytime.

  • Apply metrics types based on volume, count, sum and other formula.

  • Change the chart types as per the data, metrics and periodic basis.

Asset+ Dashboard Page
Asset+ Trend Analysis

Analyze the Performance Trends

Monitoring and analyzing various performance parameters captured from the machine and its trend over a period is critical to understand true machine condition. Inbuilt trend charts help to measure it accurately

  • Compare the machine parameter trends between weeks, month, 6 months and yearly.

  • Change the trend based on metrics calculation.

  • Export the charts and trends as image and CSV files.

Real-time Health Check

Quick access to see the current value of different parameters in single window instantly. Set the upper and lower limit of the value to visualize in gauge meter. Change the asset quickly to check asset by asset or at device level.

Asset+ Current View of Assets
Asset+ Maintenance Request

Digitalize Your Maintenance Ledger

Stop tracking maintenance entry and schedule on papers. Start adopting digital ledger for Asset Condition Monitoring to keep track of all maintenance request, duration and follow-up notes. Access the data and maintenance metrics from anywhere.

  • Create maintenance request for fault, on-demand and preventive schedule.

  • Capture the duration of the request to track the downtime and availability metrics.

  • Keep track of fault trends by capturing resolution note from engineers.

Periodic Data Analysis

Query the data for any period and compare between multiple assets to understand the performance comparison and trends to detect machine downgrading.

  • Export the data chart as image, file and data as CSV.

  • Drill-down the data for specific period to have deeper look in trend changes.

Asset+ Custom Analysis View

Values driven by Fogwing Asset+ Solution!


Leverage our IoT Device or Bring Your Own .

We provide IoT Gateway and Edge Server Devices to connect with any machines through analog, digital and other industrial protocol supported by your machine to read the machine performance parameters. If your machine is connected, then send the data to our Industrial IoT Platform for machine monitoring.


No Paper Work, Less Labour Cost.

You may personalize your dashboard metrics and charts as per your preference. Choose any asset, parameter, period and chart type to add cards according. Have a close watch on your assets at your phase.


Increase Asset Availability

Automated performance monitoring and alerts helps to predict the machines condition ahead of time to schedule the preventive maintenance more accurately. .


Reduce Maintenance Cost

Plan and schedule the preventive maintenance based on the machine usage, vibration, energy consumption data to accurately plan maintenance. Lower the maintenance downtime and operational cost.


Achieve higher ROI of your Asset

Extend the life of the machine with accurate maintenance and parts replacement which will help to achieve higher return of investment from the machines. Increase the productivity to boost the ROI further.

Bundled Offer for Rapid Results.

subscription software

Cloud hosted Manufacturing Intelligence Software as a Service. No upfront investment . Low operational expenses.

Mobility Interface

Accessible in Desktop and Mobile from anywhere. No installation or configuration required. No HMI required.

Industrial IoT Integration

Prebuilt integration with Fogwing IIoT Platform. Just connect any equipment and start tracking the performance.

customer Support

Personalized Demo, Documentation and Training programs to support. 12x5 operational support services.

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Fogwing Asset+ Asset Condition Monitoring Solution

Asset Monitoring Solution for SME Industries. It is Simplified.

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