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OEE Monitoring For Automotive Manufacturing

OEE Monitoring for Automotive Manufacturing Company to achieve Industry 4.0.







Our client, a famous tractor manufacturing company was on the search for a OEE monitoring solution solution for transforming factory operations from manual to digital. This transformation was primarily intended to access accurate data on asset performance in production cycles and asset conditions in real-time. The major challenges to be addressed were specific to obtaining OEE monitoring via analyzing and investigating components of performance, asset availability, and quality. Manual assessments of data were to be replaced with continuous digital data analysis and investigation for accurate real-time metrics.


The implementation process included the deployment of sensors, enabling machine data extraction and validation on Fogwing IIoT, which was accessible on The is an MES software that is capable of digitalizing and automating manufacturing processes, asset condition monitoring and maintenance. Product training sessions for effective applicability succeeded the implementation process. A week into implementation, the company was able to extract asset-oriented data through OEE with the accurate categorization and display of availability, performance and quality in


  1. Real-time OEE Monitoring – Digitally access asset condition data at real-time thereby reducing manual asset calculations to obtain OEE.
  2. Cost-Effective – Operating costs are reduced with accuracy in data.
  3. Production Monitoring – Requires on anticipation on production as data is captured at real-time that is ongoing irrespective of manual expert availability.
  4. Predictive Maintenance – With process and asset monitoring by, maintenance can well predictive ahead of unplanned

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