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Fogwing Tools Management

Factory Tools Lifetime Management Software

Tools availability is critical in Make to Order (MTO) manufacturing to meet the production goals. Fogwing Tools Management Software supports tools allocations and lifecycle management in just in time.

Fogwing Tools Online booking and Approval

Digitize Your Factory Tools Management

improve operational efficiency and maintenance planning with tool management software

Maximize Accuracy of Production Planning

Fogwing Tool Management Software helps you to manage your equipments and tools inventory to plan the production schedule and maintenance jobs. The inbuilt E-commerce-like features such as tools booking online, tool inventory tracking, rental order, dispatch, return and refurbish helps to manage the entire lifecycle of tools to yield a higher return on investment.

Fogwing Tool Management Software offered as part of the SFactrix Smart MES Software and Asset Management Solution is tightly integrated which helps plant manager and tool manager to work together in production planning, scheduling and operations seamlessly.

Tool Inventory Management

Shop-floors are heavily relying on the tools availability to run the production operations. Tool inventory Management and availability tracking is a backbone to support production planning and execution. Fogwing Tools provides following key features to achieve the factory tool inventory tracking at real-time.

  • Manage unlimited tools data for your entire tool inventory list and easy to track online.

  • Manage entire tool variant, SKU and availability in one system of record.

  • Quickly search the tool availability, booking, repairs and pending returns at anytime.

Fogwing Tool Inventory Management
Fogwing Tools Online booking and Approval

Online Booking and Approval

Production or Maintenance Planning are depending on the tools availability, Reserve your tools requirement ahead by adding to shopping cart through Fogwing Tools portal. Find the key features offered by Fogwing Tools to achieve tools online booking and approval module.

  • Easy to book tools online, approval, rejection and dispatch to workstation for production usage.

  • Every booking needs manager approval before dispatch to shop floor to prevent misuse or misplacement.

  • Make tool reservation against valid job order or maintenance order for tracking and usage accuracy.

executive summary dashboard

Fogwing Tool Management offers personalized dashboard for Tools Store Manager and Store Executive. The dashboard shows key metrics to help users to quickly respond to tool related inquiries and booking confirmation. The summary shows current state of total tools rented, booked and returned. All in one application to achieve smart factory.

Fogwing Tools Executive summary dashboard
Fogwing Tools Lifecycle Management

Lifecycle Management

Any tool or equipment usage leads into tool wear and tear which required repair or refurbishment to extend the life. Every tools should go through various stages from procurement to usage, repair and its functional end. Fogwing Tool Management supports entire tool lifecycle management from stock to end of functional life.

  • Easy to define every tool life term and possible refurbishment if required.

  • Create refurbishment when tool is under repair. Capture every repair issue and record it for auditing.

  • Offers complete tool refurbishment management and repositioning in tool inventory for further usage.

Report Generation

Query the tool booking and usage data for any period and understand tool availability , bookings, rental status to report usage trends to top management.

  • Verify the entire tool shop's inventory and usage status quickly through log views.

  • Export the query data as CSV file for submitting to top management and auditing compliances.

Fogwing Tools Report Generation

Top 5 benefits of Fogwing Tool Management!


High Visibility of Tools Availability

Fogwing Tools Management is the Cloud Hosted Software Solution accessible from anywhere, anytime. By using Fogwing Tools, Manufacturers manage the inventory and availability of factory tools or equipment easily in real-time. This feature provides high visibility of Tools Availability for all users across the organization to plan their activities accurately.


Accurate Production Planning

High visibility of tools inventory and availability helps Production Manager to plan the overall production schedule ahead of time. It helps maintenance engineers to plan machine maintenance based on production plan and tool availability. Fogwing Tools helps to improve performance across the organization.


Prevent Tool Misplacement and Loss

Equipment and Tools are also a highly invested assets for any manufacturing organization. But lack of centralized tool management leads to tool misplacement and loss. Fogwing Tools provides feature to track the tools availability, usage and rental ownership in centralized system which helps to prevent tool misplacement and loss of investment.


Increased Tool Lifetime

In general, factory tool usage leads to wear and tear. Many tools require frequent maintenance and repair for reuse. Managing the repair and replacement is important to prevent investment loss. Fogwing Tools provides feature to manage the tool lifecycle accurately.


High ROI from Tools Investment

Extending the life of the tools and equipment with proper maintenance helps to achieve a higher return on investment made on the tools. High availability of tools also increases productivity to boost the ROI.

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