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Industrial IoT Platform Comparison

Fogwing vs AWS IoT vs Google IoT vs Azure IoT   

Before jumping into Industrial IoT Platform comparison, we need to understand some fundamentals. Internet of Things is the modern solution for connecting any physical things with cyber communication to make applications, and data for more visibility  and insights of various hidden truth that cannot be measurable over last 100 years. Industrial IoT platform are generally cloud eco system also known as IoT platforms-as-a-service (PaaS) available for anyone to build cyber-physical connected solutions.

Generally, Industrial IoT platform provides features for connecting devices, manage communication through cloud interfaces consider as device management. Many cloud IoT platform provides data storage, data transformation, data analytics and visualization as an add-on modules to achieve the complete end to end Industrial IoT solutions.

Fogwing is different from other Industrial IoT platform ranked as popular in the market. Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform is the most comprehensive IoT platform that provides end to end of capabilities required to achieve complete Industrial IoT Solutions. Fogwing also the No-Code Industrial IoT Platform that enables any users to get started with IoT much faster and with technical knowledge.

Fogwing provides features from simplified User Interface, Device Configuration, Inbuilt Cloud Storage, Inbuilt Data Transformation, Data Rules and Data Analytics functions by default. The enterprise grade Data Visualization helps any business users to customize the dashboard and filter data metrics according to their preferences. Fogwing helps anyone to build PoC (Proof of Concept) for IoT solution without any IoT or Cloud technical expertise. Truly simplified.

Industrial IoT Platform Comparison

The following table shows comparison of Industrial IoT Platform by key features between Fogwing and other leading IoT Platform. For better rationale, we will be comparing between subscription based IoT Platform provides from Amazon AWS IoT, Google IoT and Azure IoT offerings. 
Industrial IoT Platform Comparison

Who will benefit from Fogwing IIoT Platform

Every IoT platform offers unique capabilities and features. It is important to understand the most suitable Industrial IoT platform that can help you to achieve your business goals faster. Fogwing IIoT Platform is the most comprehensive platform to start your IoT journey. Fogwing’s all-in-one offering enable to rapidly realize the value out of your pilot or full scale project.  Fogwing is most suitable for any small and medium enterprises who are not prepared with IoT skillset or newer to IoT technologies. Since Fogwing is an no-code platform, anyone without IoT expertise could quickly start the IoT projects faster. 


With honesty, we recommend the following to be considered before you take your first step towards your Industrial IoT Solution.

Azure, AWS and Google cloud are great cloud platform however they are all provided as cloud eco systems to build various technology solutions, not just specialized for IoT Solution. Fogwing Platform provides Industrial IoT specific features required to easily build reliable IoT Solution faster.

Since AWS, Azure and Google Cloud provides common technologies, it requires you to set up a full-fledged information technology team with wider expertise in IoT devices, cloud storage, cloud coding language, bid data processing, integration with third-party system, data visualization etc. This required significant time, efforts and capital investment to build simple IoT solution, even if it is pilot project. However,  Fogwing Platform provides all these capabilities as comprehensive cloud IoT platform within single User Interface as click-deploy model. No technical expertise required to build end to end IoT solutions.

AWS, Azure and Google Cloud provides all ecosystems of modules and cloud services with individual pricing to achieve small or large scale IoT implementation.

However, when you start your first IoT Solution, you may not need such large infrastructure to management. You will be ended up paying for large scale IoT operating expenses upfront while you have small footprint. Fogwing provides the scalable pricing model where you can start your small IoT project as lowest monthly expense and scale your project as you see the value. The real ROI starts from the day 1 of your small implementation.


All the above, Fogwing offers all capabilities offered by AWS, Azure and Google Cloud as part of the community plan with no upfront investment. No credit card required! No time limits! 100% FREE IoT Platform.

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