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Top 5 Free Industrial IoT Platforms for 2022 by G2

Today, industries are seeking ideal solutions to combat challenges accompanied in the pursuit of potential expansion of production and business operations. As a result, resource optimization, cost reduction and efficient management of all enterprise operations is crucial in the success of an enterprise. This blog aims to list the top 5 Free Industrial IoT Platforms.

Finding the right Industrial IoT Platform to implement digital transformation is a daunting task, given the availability of ample solutions. Identifying the top 5 Free Industrial IoT Platforms through reviews and ratings can be of immense help in the process of evaluating the solution and its effectiveness in the transformation journey and thereafter.

Identifying authentic reviews and ratings from credible review platforms is pivotal in employing the perfect Industrial IoT software for industries/enterprises. To ease the search for a reliable review platform, we have recognized G2. G2 is an insightful space to access reviews and ratings of business software and service platforms.

Here is a list of the top 5 Free Industrial IoT Platforms as rated by G2:

1. Fogwing IIoT Platform

Fogwing is the comprehensive Industrial IoT Platform available as a service on a subscription (SaaS) basis. Fogwing is a no-code platform that provides features to connect any devices through WiFi, Cellular Wireless (3/4/5g) and LoRaWAN network, data streaming, data rules routing, data alerts, command center, data storage, integration and analytics. With all its capabilities, Fogwing can help to achieve industrial automation. Fogwing also provides IoT solutions as Apps for easy adoption. Fogwing users may build custom IoT solutions or subscribe to prebuilt IoT Applications built for environment monitoring, agriculture and smart manufacturing.

Fogwing IIoT Page

2. Axonize

Axonize is an IoT platform that can take help achieve IoT. Axonize has developed a disruptive, multi-app architecture, built for service providers, and end customers. It enables the deployment of customized smart solutions across all applications, verticals and device types. Axonize is identified as smart solution available for enterprises at low-upfront costs.

The Axonize Platform

3. Blynk IoT Platform

Blynk is an IoT platform for connecting devices to the cloud, designing apps to remotely control and monitor them, and manage deployed products. It’s a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) that helps individuals and organizations to scale from a protoype of a connected product to its commercial launch. Using available hardware models support, customers can connect any device to the Internet and employ software products to launch commercial projects.

Blynk IoT Platform


Upswift provides a plug&play device management platform for IoT and Linux devices. With the Upswift platform users can deploy OTA updates, control, monitor, access, and secure IoT and Linux devices remotely. Upswift is said to enable users to connect any type of Linux or IoT device to the Upswift platform in faster.

JFrog IOT platform


akenza is the IoT platform that helps to build IoT products and services with value. It connects, controls, and manages IoT devices; all in one place. akenza is developed to facilitate organizations build customized smart solutions on a solid technological foundation, without the need to reinvent the IoT wheel. The primary target is to provide a software component that allows enterprises to connect physical systems and software solutions.

Akenza IoT Platform


Having mentioned the top rated free Industrial IoT Platforms, it can be concluded that assessing a platform can become a much insightful and easier task when there is information pertaining to Industrial IoT solution creditability already rated and reviewed. This article specifically aims to help people pick the right digital transformation solution.

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