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IoT Data is the new way of understanding your equipments.

IoT Data Analytics is Simplified.

IoT Data Analytics is the process of analyzing the data generated by industrial equipment’s to understand effectiveness. Typically, IoT analytics requires massive data storage and high-performance processing engines to the built analytical solution over a months period. Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio is simplifying it with the power of Fogwing IIoT Platform and inbuilt data streaming processes. Business users need not required any IoT skills to explore IoT data. The Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio is the only No-Code data analytics tool that helps to rapidly kickstart your IoT data explorations.

Just subscribe the services and start your journey now! 
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IoT Data Analytics

What can you do with Fogwing IoT Analytics Studio!

  • Equipment Utilization

    Monitor equipment utilization data to understand the time trends of lower and higher usage.

  • Maintenance Planning

    Set the limit run time threshold as rules to trigger automated maintenance orders from studio.

  • Performance Monitoring

    Explore the data generated by machinery to understand the high performance periods and predict failure.

  • Production Analysis

    Measure IoT Data to analyze the overall productivity across all assets to arrive Overall Throughput Effectiveness (OTE).

The Business User friendly IoT Data Analytics Solution with inbuilt Storage and Data Processing features.

User Defined Dashboard

Business Users can create their own dashboard to quickly see the critical IoT data points in the dashboard. The Do-it-Yourself (DIY) dashboard templates helps to design layout and pick the IoT Analytics metrics from the inbuilt analytics storage. Freedom to change the layout and graphs as and when required.

No dependency with IT and prolong waiting period to see the results.

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IoT Data Analysis

Explore all IoT data points received from asset or equipment in single panel in realtime. Change the asset to compare the points between assets. Pick and choose what really matter to you and see that IoT analytics data.

The display board to monitor every data!

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Drill Down in your Data Analysis

Go deeper into any specific IoT data points to explore the trends across various period.  Change the data points instantly to see the real IoT analytics metrics  to predict the trends for actions.

Drill down each IoT data attributes to see the time trends over year.

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Query your IoT Data

No need of SQL skills for IoT Analytics. Simply select the date range and assets to view the overall metrics of any specific IoT data points. The time trends IoT Analytics and graphs show the data trends. Just switch the graphical visualization for better understanding.

Instantly export the data and report into CSV or PDF format.

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Devices Monitoring

Look at the IoT Device and Connectivity details to understand realtime health of the device that aggregate IoT data. Pick and choose the device to explore the asset and device data at realtime.

Constant alerts and monitoring are in your hands.

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If you are not sure where to start your IoT Journey?

Feel free to call us and get guidance.