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Fogwing Tools Release in September 2022

Fogwing Tools Release in September 2022

Fogwing Tools Management software is a cloud-hosted digital solution offered on a SaaS model to manage the inventory of factory tools and bookings easily which helps in managing shop floor production and execution accurately. This release note is all about Fogwing Tools Release in September 2022.

Fogwing Tools Management Software predominantly helps medium and large manufacturers to digitalize the tools department operations which include tool availability management at the tools shop, tool refurbishment, Booking, Rental & Dispatch, usage cost estimation, and more. Managing and tracking the lifecycle of thousands of tools is a complex task in a manufacturing operation. Fogwing Tools Management Software simplifies managing thousands of tools or equipment through its digital functions and features.

Fogwing Tools Management Software is well integrated with SFactrix MES Software and Asset+ APM Solution. This integration helps manufacturers to run the production execution and machine maintenance efficiently based on the availability of tools.

Further, our Engineering Team is constantly working to deliver more advanced features and functionalities in upcoming Fogwing Tools Management releases.

Key Features of Fogwing Tools Release in September 2022

The following are the high-level features released as part of September 2022 milestone.

Tools Inventory Management

The tools Management team can add every tool, variant of tools, inventory, and track each tool variant’s operating cost, lifetime, and availability at the tool shop. Every tool is provided with a unique serial number to identify the usage at the variant level.

Tools management booking ledger

Online Booking and Approval

Shop floor Manager or Machine operators can book tools on a rental basis for executing the allocated production job. Shop Floor Manager can approve/reject the rent request based on job schedule and allocations at the work center level.  Tool Shop Executive will facilitate the tools booking for Machine operators.

Tools management online renting

Dispatch and Return

Once the tool rental request is approved by the Shop Floor manager, tools can be dispatched to machine operators for their usage and must be returned to the tool shop as per the booking slot.  Fogwing Tools Management streamlines this entire process of tool dispatch, returns, and usage time for effective Tools shop management.

Tools Lifecycle Management

Every tool used in manufacturing environment would wear and tear at some point and eventually become scrap. Factory tools life term includes procurement, continuous usage, and refurbishment. Fogwing Tools Management provides a digital workflow for tools’ lifecycle management at every. Factory tools life term includes procurement, continuous usage, and refurbishment for effective utilization and ROI (Return on Investment). The tools shop manager updates the refurbishment log based on the repair and rebuilding done for every tool for high-end visibility across the department.

Tools Management Refurbish tools

Report Generation

In tools shop operations, preparing tools usage reports on daily, weekly, and monthly basis import management needs. Fogwing Tools Management software provides custom report generation for the tool shop manager to export reports in a CSV file for sharing with top management.

Tools Management Report Generation

Dashboard and Metrics

Fogwing Tools Management provides different dashboard features for Tools Shop Manager and Executive to quickly understand the tool’s rental trend as graphical charts from the dashboard itself. This helps the users to have a quick view of the tools’ inventory, usage, and repair level. The upcoming bookings and returns can also be tracked at the dashboard level.

Tools management dashboard

Finding Something Interesting?

Fogwing Tools is offered on subscription. No investment Required.


Fogwing Tools Management Software provides all modern manufacturing requirements in tools management from tools inventory, rent, track, book, refurbish, and many more functions for a hassle-free manufacturing operation. All of these features are available now as value-added services for SFactrix MES and Asset+ software subscribers. If you have not subscribed yet, you can start now by signing up in the SFactrix MES application.

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