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Fogwing Asset+ Release April 2024

Fogwing Asset+ Release April 2024

At Fogwing, we are committed to constantly improving our products and providing the best possible experience to our users. With each new release, we strive to enhance the functionality, user experience, and overall performance of our software. Today, we are excited to announce the latest version of Fogwing Asset+, released in April 2024, version [2.12]. This release represents the hard work, innovation, and dedication of our engineering team and is a significant milestone in our journey toward excellence. 

New Features, Modules, and Enhanced Functionality 

Release April 2024 (version 2.12) packed with new features that enable streamlining maintenance operations, empower your asset maintenance teams and boost productivity like never before. Get ready to take your operations to the next level! Among the highlights are: 

Data Search:

The New robust “Search” functionality integrated into Fogwing Asset Plus CMMS Platform enhances your search functionality across various modules. It lets users quickly find assets, work orders, maintenance history, documentation, inventory items, and troubleshooting by entering keywords or specific criteria. With server-side searching capability, users can input characters and initiate the searches with a single click. The new advanced search functionality is integrated into modules like Asset, Fault code, Preventive Maintenance Work Order, and Parts of Fogwing Asset Plus. 

Data Sorting:

The new “Sort” feature introduced in Fogwing Asset Plus is crucial to simplifying data management within the Fogwing Asset Plus Platform. It enables the user to organize the information in a structured manner, locate specific details swiftly, and navigate through extensive data sheets effortlessly. It also allows users to arrange data alphabetically or numerically. The sorting features ensure optimal readability and comprehension, empowering users to make informed decisions promptly.  

Data Filtering:

The new Filtering feature introduced within Fogwing Asset enables you to tailor your data views, focusing solely on relevant information. Filtering allows users to refine their search by setting specific criteria like asset type, maintenance status, or priority level. It excludes irrelevant data and refines what matters most, enhancing the efficiency and precision of decision-making processes. Filters provide users with swift and seamless access to the insights they need.

Downtime Report:

Enhancing the Asset Reliability category, a new reporting type, enables users to study downtime per asset. Users can now generate breakdown reports for each asset, selecting a date range and specific assets. For the selected date range, the report compares asset availability versus downtime. 


The latest upgrade to the Fogwing Asset Plus Platform introduces an enhanced import feature, allowing users to seamlessly transfer vast amounts of asset, fault code, supplier, part, customer, user, and vendor data into the system. This streamlines operations by eliminating manual data entry, saving valuable time, and ensuring accuracy. 

Total Hours Worked:

The Fogwing asset plus users can now update specified minutes along with the hours while updating the total hours worked during the execution of the Asset maintenance work orders. The new enhanced feature lets the maintenance team effectively mention the total time worked. 

Downtime Start Date and End Date/ Time:

The newly introduced separate fields for downtime start date/times and end date/ times when creating and executing asset maintenance work orders of fault (Repair) work order types enable the tracking of downtime more accurately and help analyze maintenance activities effectively. Downtime Start Date/Times is updated while creating a maintenance work order, while Downtime End Date/Times is updated while executing a maintenance work order. 

Continued Commitment to Excellence with Fogwing Asset+ Release April 2024 

We at Fogwing are fully committed to providing excellent service, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our latest release, the Fogwing Asset+ (v2.12) in April 2024, is a testament to our dedication to providing advanced solutions that enable maintenance teams and organizations to thrive in today’s rapidly changing digital environment. 

How to Get Started with Fogwing Asset+ CMMS? 

Are you looking forward to experiencing the latest version of the Fogwing Asset+ Smart CMMS platform? If yes, then it’s effortless to get started. All you need to do is visit our registration website and create your account. You don’t need to provide any credit card information to sign up for our FREE plan. 

We have a dedicated support team available for enterprise customers who can help with the deployment and implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition to the new release.

Join Us on the Journey 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Release v2.12 and invite you to be a part of shaping the future of maintenance operations by providing us with your valuable feedback, suggestions, and ideas. Together, we can innovate and unlock new possibilities, redefining the way we work, connect, and create. 

The Fogwing Asset+ Smart CMMS April Release version [2.12] is a significant step towards empowering asset maintenance operations worldwide. With its enhanced features, advanced functionalities, and unwavering commitment to excellence, we’re excited to share this latest release with you and look forward to seeing its transformative impact on your digital experience. 

Thank you for your continued support. Here’s to a future filled with innovation, collaboration, and success. 

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