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SFactrix MES Release Notes July 2022

SFactrix MES Release Notes July 2022 is the IoT connected Smart MES Solution to achieve smart factory solution which provides SME manufacturers to monitor machine OEE, Utilization, Downtime, optimization, and many more KPIs. In addition, the AI powered SFactrix MES Solution enables best insights for optimized production performance and quality control. Smart MES helps Manufacturers to digitalize production execution and automate factory floor operations.

The SFactrix MES release notes July 2022 highlights various new features (Version V1.16).

Our Engineering team is constantly working to deliver new features and functionalities to enable executives to operate a lean manufacturing operation efficiently. is indeed a SaaS-based Software that enables SMB manufacturers to embrace digitalization with lower investment.

Key Features of SFactrix MES release notes July 2022:

Following are the few notable features released.

Data Imports

The new data import feature enables admin users to upload bulk master data into the SFactrix MES system. The data import processes support importing data from CSV files manually. The Data Import process access is available under setting section. Please note that this feature is available only for SFactrix subscribers.

SFactrix - Data Import Menu

The data import feature support the following data sets.

  • Customer Master
  • Work Orders
  • Materials
  • Parts
Data Import Page - SFactrix

Since the data import process strictly required the data in specific CSV format, SFactrix provides the required CSV template. SFactrix admin level user should prepare the data file as per the template provided.

SFactrix Report Page - CSV Template

Once data file submitted, the data import process will validate each row while importing into the application. On completion of the data import, the data import log will show the status and error codes as shown below.

SFactrix Data Import -  Data Log

Custom Reports

Now SFactrix provides reporting feature which allows users to generate customer report as per requirement. Work Orders, Job Orders, Quality Metrics, and Maintenance Metrics are some of the reports that can be accessed using this feature.

SFactrix Report - Menu

Below are some of the provisions added along with the report feature.

  1. In Order report, Multi-Select option is provided which allows users to select all the work orders or select the required work orders to generate corresponding report.
SFactrix Reports - Order Menu

When the multiple work orders are selected by the users, the report will be generated for all the work orders selected as given bellow:

SFactrix Reports - Orders List

When the user selects a single work order, the report will be generated for the selected work order as given below.

2. A search facility has been introduced in the generated report section, which helps users to search the required values.

3. Export to CSV for the office files: By clicking on the Export button the users will be able to download the order, quality, and maintenance report in the CSV format for office use.

SFactrix Reports - Order Export

Conclusion MES/MoM release V1.16 brings the new feature that empowers manufacturing users to go through an Industry 4.0 journey effortlessly. SFactrix MES enables users to import bulk data and export Order, Quality, and Maintenance reports seamlessly. All these features have been engineered to offer a wide range of platform capabilities to facilitate digital manufacturing demands.

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