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SFactrix MES Release Notes May 2022

Here is another release notes from the SFactrix Engineers!

SFactrix is an Industrial IoT-enabled Smart Manufacturing Execution System that helps SME manufacturers to digitalize production execution and automate factory floor operations. The SFactrix MES release note May 2022 highlights various new features available to all users as (version SFactrix V1.15). SFactrix Engineering Team constantly working on to provide new features and functionalities to enable executives to run the factory floor operation in real-time. SFactrix is truly a one-stop MES solution to a complete factory digitalization.

Key Features of Smart MES release notes May 2022:

Following are the few notable features released that are most applicable to all the users. There are other major changes also release to improve the user experience.

1. Email settings: This is a feature that will allow admin users to configure the email notification for every events (Work Order and Jobs) that occurs in the application. The Email settings custom feature aims to update the users through an automated email notification on any assignment or changes happening in the SFactrix application.

Following are a few modifications and new updates on existing features of

These existing features are added with summary cards on top of each page in SFactrix V1.15.

a) Work Order: With the summary cards on the work order page, SFactrix helps its users to track Work orders more efficiently without moving to other pages or counting the status manually. These cards display the summary of ‘work orders’ based on the jobs associated with them.

b) Jobs: This newly launched feature displays the Jobs status cards on top of the Jobs page to help its users to if the Jobs status is ‘in progress, ‘completed’, ‘expired’, or ‘yet to start’.

c) Part/ Item: The three summary cards on the Part/Item page help its users to track the Total no. of parts, Parts in stock, and Parts out of stock, data in one place.

d) Maintenance Register: The newly added summary cards feature of the Maintenance Register displays the asset maintenance data and helps the users to act accordingly.

e) Assets: The summary cards feature of the Assets page shows the status of each asset such as if an asset is running, stopped, or in fault mode. This feature of (V1.15) helps the users to monitor the asset condition more effectively.

f) Materials: The summary cards on the Materials page are essential for the users to keep a track of inventory management. The inventory management summary cards help the manufacturers maintain the appropriate stock levels required for manufacturing a new product.

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Conclusion MES/MOM V1.15 brings in the new features that enable users to experience an unparalleled journey of Industry 4.0. SFactrix MES comes up with its new feature of Email settings and the addition of summary cards on existing features of work orders, jobs, part/items, Assets, Maintenance Register, and Materials pages. All these are being engineered to offer a wide range of digital manufacturing use cases.

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