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G2 Grid Fall report 2022

Fogwing IIoT awarded as High Performer on G2 Grid Fall Report 2022

Fogwing IIoT Platform received the “High Performer” rank in G2 Grid Fall report 2022 for IoT Management Category for the third consecutive times.

G2 platform enables customers to choose the proper software and services for their business, as it provides multiple authentic and timely reviews from real users. G2 Grid Fall report 2022 for IoT platform score mapping system enables a potential customer to evaluate and compare product contributions by various enterprises. Under the FALL report 2022, the Fogwing IIoT platform has been listed in the G2 Grid as the “High Performer” in the IoT management Platform category for small businesses.   

How did Fogwing achieve High Performer in third consecutive times in G2 Grid Fall Report 2022?  

G2 scores software services and products by collecting data through user reviews and online resources. It calculates customer satisfaction and market presence scores in real time, which are later reflected on the grid. It allows potential customers to determine which solution suits their needs the best based on the reviews available.   

As a result, Peer reviewing platforms G2 is considered to have great importance for investment in IoT platforms, to facilitate Digital Transformation. Customer reviews are considered crucial in G2 as it utilizes the data to map leaders, contenders, high Performers, and Niche vendors. Fogwing has a high star review rating, with most reviewers expressing the product to be of excellent reputation in enabling Digital transformation.  

Explore more about Fogwing IIoT Platform:  

Here is an example of a Fogwing User Review on G2:

The below comments were one of the review posted by our platform user in G2 recently.

What do you like best?  

“Very easy to configure! In a simple series of 4 -5 steps, a complete dashboard was created to display and analyze our MQTT data. “

What Problem is product solving and how is that benefiting you? 

” Fogwing is allowing us to view, trend, and analyze data that was not connected to our control systems. It is also providing real-time process information to managers on their phones and email so quick decisions can be made. “

Read a Review, Give a Review

Visit G2 to read real customer and user reviews about the Fogwing IIoT platform. If you are already a Fogwing community user, Thanks for trusting us with your project. It would help us out, if you could take a movement to review our service on G2, so that other potential user can equip their journey of determining a solution for digital transformation.  

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