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Elevate Your Business Efficiency: Harness the Manufacturing Cloud for specialized acceleration in digital transformation at unprecedented speed.

What is Manufacturing Cloud

Manufacturing enterprises have traditionally operated at the factory level and hesitated to cloud adoption due to longer implementation timelines, endless demands of critical machine operations, and human interactions. However, the shift towards Industry 4.0 principles and the impact of the post-pandemic have reshaped this mindset. Synchronizing connected machines, operating processes, operators, and corporate ecosystems has become crucial today.

In this evolving transformation, Manufacturing Cloud offers a transformative solution, enabling any manufacturer to rapidly adopt digitalization by connecting machines using IoT technologies, Integrating IT / OT systems, analyzing real-time machine data with AI, and fostering data-driven decision-making and propelling traditional shop floors into the realm of future-ready smart factories.

Manufacturing cloud foundation

An award-winning Manufacturing Cloud for true transformation.

Manufacturing Cloud, offered by Fogwing, is a comprehensive vertical platform for accelerating the cloud journey for manufacturers in operational technologies and business applications. Fogwing provides a strong ecosystem and deep tech capabilities to support various operational use cases of Manufacturing, including maintenance management, production monitoring, production planning and execution, visual quality inspection, worker safety, machine connectivity, and manufacturing analytics.

Developing a connecting factory solution is complex and requires multi-year funding. Fogwing Cloud offers a turnkey solution at an affordable cost.

The Fogwing solutions encompass multiple advanced and adjacent technologies like IoT, edge computing, data analytics, and AI/ML.

Operational Technology Integration

Integrating Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) is a strategic imperative in today’s dynamic business landscape, offering many invaluable benefits. This convergence of IT and OT using Edge Computing creates a seamless, interconnected ecosystem that enhances operational efficiency, agility, and overall organizational performance.

  • Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

    By streamlining communication and data sharing between traditionally isolated IT and industrial control systems

  • Real-time Data for Informed Decision-Making

    Get access of real-time data from both IT and OT systems, which empowers decision-makers with valuable insights.

  • Operating Cost Optimization

    Organizations can achieve greater cost efficiency by eliminating redundancies and optimizing resource usage.

  • Innovation and new Ventures

    The synergy between IT and OT fuels innovation by fostering collaboration between traditionally siloed departments.

IT OT Integration
Fogwing Cloud Software as a Service

Manufacturing Software as a Service

Introducing our cutting-edge Manufacturing Software as a Service (SaaS) – the ultimate solution to revolutionize your production processes! Our cloud platform is meticulously crafted to streamline your manufacturing operations, enhance efficiency, and boost your bottom line.

Our cloud-based platform allows you to monitor and manage your manufacturing operations from anywhere in the world. Stay in control, whether you’re on the factory floor or halfway across the globe.

How Manufacturing Cloud enables Industry 4.0 journey


Gain instant access to real-time data, enabling better decision-making and responsiveness to changing conditions on the factory floor.


Centralized system ensures that all stakeholders are working with the most up-to-date information, reducing errors and improving collaboration.


Optimize production workflows, reducing manual errors in quality and streamlining production processes for increased efficiency.


Predict maintenance needs, plan maintenance ahead, reduce downtime and increase machine reliability to achieve higher productivity.

Quality Focus

Implement real-time quality monitoring to ensure products meet or exceed specified quality standards, reducing the risk of defects and recalls.


Eliminate the need for extensive on-premise IT infrastructure, hardware, reducing upfront investment and ongoing maintenance costs.

Fogwing Industrial Cloud

OUR Solutions

Fogwing Asset+ All-in-One Solution

Smart Maintenance

Unlock operational excellence! Proactively optimize equipment performance, reduce downtime, and extend the life of your assets. Elevate efficiency effortlessly.
Fogwing Matrix: Elevate production monitoring. Harness IoT for real-time insights, OEE optimization, and efficient machine tracking.

Smart Production

Harness cutting-edge IoT technology for real-time insights, streamlined workflows, and optimal efficiency. Revolutionize your operations for unparalleled success.
Fogwing Vision: Machine learning-driven quality inspection. Elevate accuracy and visibility in QC processes for smart manufacturing.

Smart Quality Control

Ensure top quality at every step of production process with advanced technology, real-time monitoring, and precision tools. Elevate your standards, elevate your success.

Your questions answered

Common questions

Manufacturing Cloud is a digital platform that offers industry specific software on the cloud to optimize production processes, enhance collaboration, and provide real-time insights for manufacturing operations.

Fogwing Manufacturing Cloud is available in Microsoft Azure as multi-tenant offering. Fogwing technical support team managing the cloud infrastructure for customers.

Yes, Fogwing Cloud Enterprise licensing is available in private cloud for enterprise customers.

Fogwing Cloud infrastructure protected by multilayer through Cloudflare and Azure Firewall and encryption technologies.

Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud offers CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution to manufacturing industry. However Fogwing offers advanced industrial software solution for digitalizing shop-floor operations.

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