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Cloud Computing for Smart Manufacturing

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Duration: 60 mins

Hariharan Ganesh

Hariharan Ganesh

Founder & Chief - Factana.
Industry 4.0 Advisor. IoT Enthusiast.

Cloud Computing for Smart Manufacturing - Jumpstart Journey

In the digital world, cloud become a key part of business strategy for growing companies. Enterprises are leveraging Cloud Services for rapid business solution deployment and scalability at lower cost of investment.

By comparing other industry, Manufacturing industry are slow in adopting cloud technologies for business growth. This Cloud Computing for Smart Manufacturing webinar will present the value of cloud services for smart manufacturing and address the security concerns.

Topics covered:
1. Need of Cloud Services
2. Cloud Adoption in industries
3. Cloud Technologies and Value
4. Why Manufacturers need Cloud
5. Cost Value Analysis
6. Security Advantage
7. Introducing Industrial Cloud
8. Conclusion

Watch the session to learn more about Industrial Cloud Offerings and get ready for transformation.

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