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Exploring IT / OT Integration for Digital Transformation

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Duration: 60 mins

Hariharan Ganesh

Hariharan Ganesh

Founder & Chief - Factana.
Industry 4.0 Advisor. IoT Enthusiast.

Industry 4.0: Exploring IT / OT Integration for Digital Transformation

ndustries are going through an enormous transformation to sustain the market capital and lead the growth. Specially Manufacturing industry is under heavy pressure to adopt digitalization. IT / OT Integration is the most critical step in the digital transformation journey. However, legacy machinery and production operations are challenging to attain digital maturity.


A successful IT / OT Integration needs organizational change in processes, technology and capabilities to gain operational maturity, a new ways of collaborating across the business. So, how to achieve IT / OT Integration without disturbing existing business operations? In this webinar explore more about IT / OT Integration and Strategy.


1. Intro to IT / OT Integration

2. Challenge in current OT setup

3. Architecture Solution for IT/OT Integration

4. Role of IIoT in Digital Journey Value-Driven Strategy Model

5. Data Governance and Intelligence Sample

6. RoadMap for Digital Manufacturing Recommendations


It is important to understand the challenge deeper before you invest. Explore the possibility of this webinar.

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