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What is Internet of Things?

Internet of Things

The buzz word all around in the recent past across the globe with respect to efficiency, reliability and predictive analytics along with accessibility to real time data in almost all sectors is the Internet of Things (IoT). Don’t worry if you do not understand or know of the IoT that is at its peak of achieving a long-term stand in smart technology. This article explores IoT for a quicker grasp.

IoT stands as an abbreviation of Internet of Things. It is featured as a concept of connecting various devices to the internet and among other connected devices. IoT is nothing but an ecosystem of connected physical devices/things that are made accessible through internet.

Things or objects within an IoT system are assigned an IP address. An IP address enables connectivity, activates data collection and data transfer over a network in the absence of manual intervention. In short, IoT is a huge network of a plethora of connected devices and gadgets that simultaneously collect and share data of the manners and environments in which it is being utilized.


Devices that get connected to the internet and in turn to other connected devices vary on a large scale thereby providing brilliant facilities to its users, examples of this could range from smart lock systems that keep homes locked, safe and secure automatically to devices like Alexa that work on command for various entertainment purposes within your comfort zone.

Use case:

Dated 30th October 2019, Emirates, one of the world’s biggest international airline company implemented RFID (Radio frequency identification) technology that works with Internet of things networking in flights. As an owner of a major fleet of A380s and Boeing 777s, their greatest challenge was tracking inflight emergency equipment says an article written by Sheba Koonan. With this technology, tracking has become efficient and reduced time consumption making the process quick, reliable and cost effective.

Another real-life use case is the usage of IoT connected devices and sensors for keeping check on pest population in farms. A few companies across the global have adopted this technique. As India has a large Agro based population who face issues with pest control and monitoring, such IoT technology can help.

In conclusion, as a takeaway answer for what is IoT; IoT is a network of connected things/devices/objects which have an IP address that deployed sensors collect data from and using streaming analytics transfer it to a cloud and further classify to construct readable data that is made available for customers. This enables fast track data analysis and brings efficiency to business intelligence regardless of its vastness and realm.

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