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Manufacturing 4.0: Production Monitoring and Optimization Solution

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Duration: 60 mins

Hariharan Ganesh

Hariharan Ganesh

Founder & Chief - Factana.
Industry 4.0 Advisor. IoT Enthusiast.

Manufacturing 4.0: Production Monitoring and Optimization Solution

The principle of Industry 4.0 is to transform industry operations from the traditional way to the digital way. The key objective of manufacturing executives is to optimize the production operations for better utilization and faster turnaround in delivery. Since every second is critical in manufacturing operations, faster decision making and planning are critical. However, it is hard to achieve due to the lack of real-time data. It is solved now.


Watch this webinar to learn about production monitoring, asset performance metrics and optimization Solutions using SFactrix.


1. Why Production Monitoring Critical

2. Practical Challenges in Production Monitoring

3. Role of SFactrix in Production Monitoring

4. Demo of SFactrix for Production Monitoring

5. Performance Metrics in SFactrix

6. Best Practices for Production Monitoring


Watch this session to watch and learn the power of the IIoT Platform and SFactrix.

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