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Digitalize your Production Planning Software and Control

Get started with well-planned, scheduled, and controlled production performance to make your days hassle-free. 

Production Planning Software for SME

SFactrix MES / MOM offers manufacturing planning and production scheduling features for users. It simplifies every manufacturing shop floor workflow and intelligently derives sales demands, asset availability, materials availability, and operators’ work schedule, with no room for guesswork. Be one of us and let our system suggest the plan for the optimum utilization of your shop floor resources with lean management. 

SFactrix Production Scheduling

Manufacturing Order Planning, Scheduling and Execution

Planning, Scheduling, and Execution of Manufacturing Production is no more a complex and challenging process with SFactrix MES / MOM. Now create an automated production-based schedule powered by intelligence systems.

Optimizing manufacturing production plans and effective utilization of assets saves both your cost and time. The SFactrix MES / MOM now meets your precise anticipations, as we provide our customers with a reliable delivery date based on the availability of materials and assets.  

Explore all possibilities with SFactrix MES / MOM.

Machine Jobs Orders Planning and Scheduling

Allocating Jobs based on the machines, operators, and materials available is a regular activity that consumes considerable time for planning. Now with SFactrix MES / MOM gain complete visibility of your job progress and machine availability status with just a click away. 

The job allocation notification is sent to the operators according to the day of production. Explore job planning and schedule method in SFactrix. 

Machine Job Order Planning and Scheduling
Materials Availability and Make to Stock

Material Availability for Production Planning

Making it to the stock production execution is an ongoing activity that requires well-designed material planning and supply. Production planning is streamlined effectively with SFactrix BOM. It creates automated work orders against BOM to make the entire planning execution look seamless. 

 SFactrix BOM feature provides the users with a prepared list of materials, processes, and machines. It offers the users a complete 360-degree view.  

 Explore this great feature and learn to create BOM for your production processes. 

MES Software

Everything Your Need To Run a Digital Factory

MES Software provides functions and processes to prepare, plan and execute factory floor operations uniformly. Track progress in real-time and increase agility to align as the day demands. 

SFactrix MES / MOM Software provides all features required to run lean manufacturing operations. The inbuilt AI-based Manufacturing Intelligence module provides Performance KPIs, Downtime Alerts, Loss based Metrics, Scrap Trends, MTTR and MTBF, etc. 

Why Choose SFactrix

Cloud Service

Everything is offered as Software as Service. No upfront investment.

Smart MES

Not just scheduling, embedded with the entire Production Execution

High Visibility

Single View of Work Order Planning and Job Scheduling


AI recommended automatic planning and scheduling. - The Smart Factory Software

Kickstart your Smart Factory transformation from the production floor by enforcing Manufacturing Execution Software.  Trash your paper-based job card and process monitoring approach. Get ready for Industry 4.0! 

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