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What is Industrial IoT

What is Industrial IoT? 

Internet of Thing (IoT) is all about connecting the physical things and cyber (Internet) together to gather data / information about any things. Traditional, reading information from any given physical things was difficult due to lack of interfaces. The advancement in sensor technologies and wireless communication enables to bridge this gap.

Particularly, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the sub specification of IoT technology which is swiftly growing with remarkable innovations in connecting with industrial things. Industrial IoT technologies helps to sense the data from physical things, process locally, communicate to cloud, aggregate, analyze and produce actionable insights and intelligence out of it. Therefore, IIoT solutions are a combination of sensors, IoT device (a) edges, wireless communication (Cellular / LPWAN), cloud computing, data analytics etc.

Industrial IoT platforms are prebuilt software solution to manage the entire technology landscape from sensor device management to intelligence and industry equipment automation from anywhere.

Industrial IoT is the essential enabler of Industry 4.0, also known as Smart Industry. As a confluence of multiple technologies like wireless communication, M2M communication and AI for cognition that builds and strengthens a self-dependent industry by reducing manual operational errors.

In the business optimization interests of enterprises, adopting Industrial IoT based intelligence solutions facilitate to improve process efficiency and production optimization. Example: When IoT connect, collect and analyze of real-time data of production, it is made it easier to see the real-time performance of the current production rather than later. Remote monitoring of industrial operations helps to plan the action ahead (such as equipment maintenance) in cost effective and reliably. IIoT helps to promote the innovation through open architectures that allow process customization and error-prone operations across a production equipment.


How does Fogwing IIoT Platform help?

Fogwing is an Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) platform that empowers you to manage massive device provisioning (Sensor Devices, Edge Devices and Gateways), remote access control, localized or cloud data aggregation, high speed data analysis and automatically triggering alerts and commands.  As an advanced Industrial IoT Platform, Fogwing is designed to execute automated workflow / processes between connected devices based on data rules and scheduling model.


Fogwing IIoT Platform is engineered based on Fog / Edge Computing principles to automate industrial operations by deploying sensors, gateway and edges across units. Industrial IoT solution helps to monitor machinery health, aggregate data and predict operational efficiency based on the device data. Edge enabled devices can be deployed to perform comparative analyses at on-premises to trigger alerts and proactive messages locally. The Fogwing Cloud Platform supports to simplify edge deployment, device management and release management across hundreds of connected devices, seamlessly.

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