Fogwing Platform for Industrial IoT Solution and Automation!

The Differentiator

Generally IoT platform provides capabilities to build IoT Solutions. But Fogwing Platform is the No-Code Platform to easily integrate with IoT devices for real-time performance visibility, control and process automation.  Fogwing is the only platform that provides all capabilities required build your own IoT solution or buy IoT Software to integrate operational technologies (OT) and Information Technology (IT) . It is the rapid way to reach Industry 4.0 transformation!


The path towards a successful Industrial IoT Solution for Industrial Transformation!

  • IIoT Platform as a Service

    Scalable Industrial IoT Platform to start as small IoT footprint and grow globally to meet your growth.

  • IoT Software as a Service

    Prebuilt IoT Software for Environment and Equipment Monitoring. Just subscribe to start.

  • No Code Development

    Citizen Developer may build and deploy IoT Solution rapidly through Web Control Center.

  • Cloud Storage

    All-in-One platform to configure edge devices, data aggregation and analytics for any scale.

  • Device Agnostics

    The only platform that support any IoT devices to connect uniformly to reduce operational overhead.

  • IoT Data Analytics

    The platform that comes with inbuilt data analytics to explore your IoT Data.

Built for Industrial Use cases!
Built by Professional Community!

Enterprise grade Industrial IoT capabilities are available at lowest investment!

  • Certified Devices

    Tested and Certified Industrial IoT Gateways, Node and Actuators Provider!

  • Enterprise Support!

    Professional Service and Managed Service Support included as part of subscription !

  • Documentation!

    Complete product documentation and instructions are available for any users!

  • Video Tutorials!

    Video based step by steps instructions are provided to citizen developers!

If you are not sure where to start your IoT Journey?

Feel free to call us and get guidance.