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How to choose CMMS
How to choose the best CMMS for your company?

In the fourth Industrial revolution, adoption of smart manufacturing technologies becomes prominent.  As machines or assets have become one of the critical part of manufacturing processes, its continuous availability is the most important. This concern demands maintenance management system that can keep track of the organization’s assets monitored and maintained

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Fogwing IIoT Platform Release notes December 2022
Fogwing IIoT Platform Release notes December 2022

Fogwing industrial IoT platform facilities small, medium, and large enterprises to plan, process, innovate, and adopt digital Industrial solutions, it enables organizations to analyze the data generated by their assets and facilitates the organization’s Smart Factory Journey. This release note lists new features available from Fogwing v2.13 and Fogwing Open

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Top 7 cloud manufacturing platforms in 2023
Top 7 Cloud Manufacturing platforms in 2023

With Industry 4.0, dependency on Cloud Computing has grown exponentially for industries including manufacturing. The emerging concept of ‘Cloud Manufacturing’ is a service-oriented business model which provides the manufacturing capabilities and resources on a cloud platform. Cloud Manufacturing software offers digital solutions for raw materials management, supply chain, production operations,

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