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Work Order Management Software for Smart Factory

Digitalize your factory operations using work order management software for agility, operational visibility, and efficiency.

Smart MES Software SFactrix

Simplify Your Work Order Management

SFactrix Work Order Tracking and Execution

Create Manufacturing Work Orders for Production Execution

Simply create work orders for each manufacturing orders to kickoff the production process to meet tight deadlines.

  • Create work orders against manufacturing orders

  • Assign work orders to supervisor and operators for execution

  • Clone any work order to create recurring production work orders.

Allocate and Run Work Orders Digitally

Create master and child work orders and assign to machine operators or supervisors to execute according to the production priorities.

  • Prepare master and child work orders according to your production process

  • Allocate work order and prioritize according to production process

  • Just clone to create repeatable work orders and auto allocate it to operations team.

SFactrix Job Order Allocation and Tracking

Get Production Execution Reports Instantly.

Let machine operator and supervisor report the production executing through digitalized shift report or instant submission.  Get visibility into shop floor instantly. 

  • Supervisor and Operator report work order status through digital forms

  • Track the overall production status, OEE, Performance, Quality metrics from shop floor

  • Plan and reassign work order according to reality at the shop floor

SFactrix Production Job Execution

Self Service Work Order Management Software for Plant Managers

SFactrix MES Software is designed as business friendly software solution to enable anyone to quick configuration the entire factory organization setting. No Download, No Installation, No technical skill required.

Setup includes: Plan, Work Center, Assets, Customers, Work Order, Jobs and Rules. Step by step guided tour feature will help you to set your organization structure properly.  Still need support, write to us.

SFactrix DYI Solution

Mobile App for Machine Operator's Input

SFactrix Operators App

Work Order Tracking

Operator may self check the Job accomplishment and improve effciency.

Production Controls

Machine Operator records machine status manually or through IoT connectors.

Quality Counter

Quality Controller updates the good and scrap counts instantly in the app

Download Machine Operator Mobile App!

Smart MES Software as a Service!

subscription software

Cloud hosted Manufacturing Intelligence Software as a Service. No upfront investment . Low operational expenses.

Mobility Interface

Accessible in Desktop and Mobile from anywhere. No installation or configuration required. No HMI required.

Industrial IoT Integration

Prebuilt integration with Fogwing IIoT Platform. Just connect any equipment and start tracking the performance.

customer Support

Personalized Demo, Documentation and Training programs to support. 12x5 operational support services.

Smart MES Software SFactrix

Trusted by Leading Manufacturers

Mahindra Automobile Testimonial

In the Era of industry 4.0, live monitoring of OEE is essential. It saves non valuable time of data collection, OEE calculation in spread sheet & analysis of trend basis on the past data. This SFactrix platform is helping us for line efficiency improvement thru proactive action on the factors affecting the OEE. All the machine faults or breakdown can also be captured real time with cause & total down time.

Praveen Thomar

- Plant Manager

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