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Exploring Assets Condition Monitoring Solution for Oil and Gas

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Duration: 60 mins

Hariharan Ganesh

Hariharan Ganesh

Founder & Chief - Factana.
Industry 4.0 Advisor. IoT Enthusiast.

Industry 4.0: Exploring Assets Condition Monitoring Solution for Oil and Gas

With the growing practice of remote workplaces and administration, Field Officers in Oil and Gas Industry-required solutions to monitor the asset utilization, condition and performance data remotely.


Real-time monitoring and protecting the assets are business-critical to support the demands. Industrial IoT based Assets Condition Monitoring Solution address this challenge. However, it could be expensive implementation if it is not done properly.


Watch this webinar to learn about Fogwing Platform supports to deploy Assets Condition Monitoring Solution at a rapid time.


1. What is Assets Condition Monitoring

2. Why is it critical for Oil & Gas operations

3. Technologies Required Asset Condition Monitoring

4. Role of Industrial IoT in Asset Condition Monitoring

5. Fogwing Platform for Asset Condition Monitoring

6. Visualizing Asset Health Metrics and Maintenance

7. Best Practices to implement Asset Condition Monitoring


Watch this session to watch and learn the power of Fogwing Platform & Solution.

AI-Powered Asset Condition Monitoring Solution

Fogwing Asset+ is the comprehensive IoT solution that provides Asset Health and Performance Management capability to connect , collect usage data, detect condition data and energy consumption from machines and equipment through sensors.

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