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Fogwing offers Maintenance Management Software specially designed for Manufacturing Industry. Empower Maintenance Team with real-time insights for asset reliability and higher availability. Streamline your maintenance operations with ease.

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Maintenance Software Made for Manufacturers

Stop using papers for maintenance operations. Adopt web solution for operational efficiency.

Work Order Management

Easily create, assign, and track work orders using Asset+ maintenance software to ensure timely maintenance and repairs. Prioritize tasks, assign technicians, and track progress from initiation to completion.

  • Create, assign and execute on-demand and preventive work orders from a single app.

  • Keep track of work order completion, dependencies, materials requirements in one place.

  • Create and manage ongoing inspection orders with checklist to ensure procedure followed.

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Automate Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Schedule and automate routine preventive maintenance tasks using Asset+ maintenance software to extend the lifespan of your assets and reduce unexpected breakdowns. Set up maintenance intervals, receive reminders, and proactively address potential issues.

  • Automate planning and scheduling preventive work orders on daily, weekly, monthly or periodic basis with Asset+ maintenance management software.

  • You can pause or cancel the preventive work order anytime if it is not required anymore.

  • Keep track of your preventive work order vs on-demand request to justify the maintenance efficiency.

Asset Management

Maintain a centralized inventory of all your assets, including equipment, machinery, vehicles, and facilities within Asset+ maintenance software. Track their performance, maintenance history, warranty information, and other relevant details.

  • Manage asset lifecycle from inception to decommissioning through a single maintenance management software.

  • Keep track of total cost of ownership associated with maintenance of assets.

  • Connect IoT devices with assets to keep track of asset performance and monitoring through asset performance monitoring module.

Fogwing Asset Performance Monitoring
Monitor Maintenance work progress using Fogwing Asset+

High Visibility in Maintenance Operations

Monitor the performance and condition of your equipment through sensors, IoT integration, or manual data entry. Collect real-time data on usage, energy consumption, and other vital metrics using Asset+ maintenance software to identify patterns and make informed decisions.

  • Keep track of maintenance status from engineers who Start, Hold and Complete the work order assigned to them as they progress in the day.

  • Allows the maintenance engineers to book spare parts required to complete the maintenance work and submit observations for tracking.

  • Helps maintenance manager to keep track of operational cost associated with maintenance work and materials usages.

Enforce Inspection Checklist

Create maintenance checklist for each assets or category of assets and enforce standard operating procedure for maintenance works. Enforce the checklist process as part of the work order for effective maintenance and uniformity across team using Asset+ maintenance software.

  • Create maintenance checklist one time and apply to work orders as per the needs. Reduce your work by sending instructions manually or by email.

  • Assign inspection work orders to maintenance engineers to enforce the maintenance process for compliances.

  • When engineers report the completion of the checklist as part of the work order, Instantly get ready for management reports.

Maintenance Checklist Template and Procedure
Manage Part Inventory and Reservation using Fogwing Asset+

Parts Inventory Management

Efficiently manage your inventory of spare parts and supplies. Set up reorder points, receive alerts for low stock levels, and streamline procurement processes using Asset+ maintenance management software to ensure you have the necessary resources for maintenance activities.

  • Create and Manage list of materials and parts information, variations, quantity, available locations in one place for quick access.

  • Allow Engineers to reserve the parts against work order for on-time completions.

  • Track parts usage cost against work order to accurately calculate the total cost of maintenance against each assets.

Vendor Management

Maintain a comprehensive list of your service providers, customers, and suppliers using Asset+ maintenance software. Manage contracts, track performance, and streamline communication to ensure efficient collaboration and timely service delivery.

  • Add, modify and manager customers, suppliers and user master data for unified maintenance management.

  • Integrate with existing CRM, SCM and HR Management system through API Integration for seamless data sync.

  • Create and manage maintenance team members contact, rate card and availability for work order assignments and payroll calculations.

Manage Suppliers, Customers and Users

Reporting and Analytics

Generate insightful reports and analytics on maintenance activities, asset performance, costs, and resource allocation. Identify trends, optimize maintenance strategies, and make data-driven decisions using Asset+ maintenance software to enhance overall operational efficiency.

  • Provides Work order metrics including WO Trends, WO Completion, Pending, Deployed etc.

  • Asset metrics provides complete visibility in asset's MTTR, MTBF, preventive maintenance effectiveness through comparisons.

  • Cost metrics are provides visibility in top expensive assets, top expensive parts and high performing labor cost etc.

  • Download any metrics and charts as image or data to present to your management team as part of your monthly report.

Asset+ Dashboard and Metrics

Integrate with Maintenance Management Software

Seamlessly integrate Fogwing Asset+ with other software systems, such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) or facility management software, to streamline data flow and eliminate duplication of efforts.

Fogwing assetplus integration with apps

Mobile App for Maintenance Heroes

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Fogwing Asset+ Mobile App for field Engineers

Mobile Access for Maintenance Team

Accessible in Desktop and Mobile from anywhere. No installation or configuration required.

execute work orders

Start, Progress and Complete Work Orders based on the priority and asset conditions using mobile app.

Allocate Parts Required

Allocate parts according to asset condition and complete your work schedule as planned.

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