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Who Should Manage Your CMMS System?

A CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) can revolutionize your maintenance operations, but it’s only as effective as the people who manage it. So, who should take the reins and ensure your CMMS delivers its full potential?

The CMMS Champion: 

There’s no single answer, as the ideal CMMS management structure depends on your organization’s size and complexity. However, a collaborative approach often leads to success. Here are some key roles:

  • CMMS Administrator: This individual acts as the system’s day-to-day champion. They’ll be responsible for user management, data entry, system configuration, and ensuring everyone utilizes the CMMS effectively. Often, a maintenance planner or supervisor might take on this role.
  • Departmental Users: Technicians, supervisors, and relevant personnel from various departments should be trained on the CMMS. This empowers them to submit work orders, access equipment data, and contribute to a comprehensive maintenance data pool.
  • IT Department: While the CMMS administrator handles day-to-day operations, IT plays a crucial role, especially for cloud-based systems. They’ll ensure system security, manage integrations with other software, and address any technical issues.


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