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Bivocom Devices

Industry Grade IoT Devices for Industry 4.0

Fogwing Certified Bivocom Devices for Industrial Automation.

Bivocom is a leading wireless solution provider for IoT and M2M offering high quality 3G/4G/5G cellular modems, routers, gateways, RTU for Fogwing IIoT platform. These rugged industrial cellular devices are equipped to support industrial IoT and M2M applications by empowering a reliable, secure and seamless connectivity for your machinery. With support of Digital and Analog IO, RS232 / RS485 Protocols, Ethernet, VPN, WLAN and Bluetooth to transferring the data from equipment to Fogwing IoTHub over high speed cellular network.


Choose the devices that suitable for your IoT Solution.

Cellular Modems

Bivocom provides simplified Cellular Modems for easy and faster implementation of connected equipments. TD210 and TW810 are designed for RS232, RS485 based PLC, IPC, meters and sensors, and transfer the field data over 4G/3G/2G and LTE CAT M1/NB-IoT.

These modems are suitable for monitoring individual remote equipments, utility meters and environment conditional requirements.

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Cellular Routers

Bivocom industrial cellular routers provide reliable and secure connectivity for your Ethernet and serial ports controllers and devices.  TR321 and TR341 are equipped with 2 and 4 LAN ports for connecting multiple industrial machineries into single router.  The inbuilt RS232 and RS485 ports are supporting to connect retrofit sensors as well.

These routers are suitable for Industrial machineries that generate multiple parameters through sensors and PLC.

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IoT Edge Gateways

Industry 4.0 applications are required mini computing capabilities for collecting, processing, storing the data at the edge level as well as send in high speed, seamless and secure communication with Fogwing IIoT Cloud. The dual SIM and dual module mode*, as well as LTE CAT 6* allows users to transfer the big data at wider bandwidth and faster speed. TG451, TG452 and TG462 are well crafted to run Fogwing Edge SDKs in the edge level to seamlessly execute automation requirements.

These edge devices are suitable for Industry 4.0 based automation requirements to run the intelligence and actions at the factory level.

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