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Fogwing for Transportation

Connect with your Transportation Assets! Track it.

Realtime Visibility of your Industrial Transportation.

Connect with your assets, track operations and predict maintenance.


Fogwing Transportation Solution

Achieve higher Visibility and Accuracy in Transportation Services

Across global, Transportation and Logistics is the second fastest business adopting Industrial IoT based realtime monitoring solutions.  Why are you waiting?



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Get Ready for Digital Connected Transportation Management!

Industrial Asset Location Tracking

Realtime visibility and traceability are the two key challenge that transportation and distribution industries are struggling to manage efficiently. Fogwing Industrial IoT Solution solves this problem by aggregating, analyzing and predicting realtime location and conditions data that received from GPS and engine monitoring sensors attached with your heavy equipment assets. It helps to measure the transportation and conditions efficiently by accurate and delivery.

Learn more about how IoT revolutionizing Transportation and Logistics ?

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Equipment Dispatch Planning

In Transportation & Supplies,  dispatch planning and allocations are the most complex and continuous process of improvement area. Lack of historic data in vehicle and driver performance, roadway challenges and external influences leading to 30% or more failure in planning. By deploying IoT devices to collect and consolidate the realtime operational and condition data helps to identify the challenges and issues to predict the operations. It also helps to plan the future of vehicle dispatch to most accurate for profitability.

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Vehicle Condition Monitoring

Unprepared Vehicle or Asset breakdown leads into many operational confusion and business risks; Understanding the vehicle (truck or forklift) operating condition and usage is important to predict the maintenance requirements to plan the distribution accordingly.  Adding engine condition monitoring sensors to assets enable to measure the mechanical and electrical failures earlier.  Fogwing Analytics dashboard can help to monitor and act on it at realtime.

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Protect Goods and Supplies

Global logistics and distribution involved in shipping expensive materials and parts across geography. Any package lost in unknown territory is untraceable to recover. But modern IoT based tracking devices are tiny enough to attach with packages and track the location at realtime. The advancement in wireless technologies such as 0G, LoRaWAN and Sigfox helps to track the package beyonds boarders. Fogwing support all of the wireless technologies as common platform for better device management.

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Fogwing IoT Solution for Transportation Management.

How Fogwing can help in Transport Asset Tracking?

Fogwing provides IoT Device Management and Data Analytics solution as comprehensive platform to capture the realtime data from GPS and climate monitoring devices to track the asset locations, conditions and delivery accuracy. By combining and comparing multiple vehicle data helps to plan the measure the distribution operations efficiently.

Why Fogwing IoT Solution?

One stop Cognitive IoT platform. Locate our blend of emerging wireless technologies, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and GPS Integration that drives smart decisions and innovation to make your business to echelons of success. All you need to do is just contact us.



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