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Send your IoT Data to 4000+ Apps

Automate your operational workflows with Fogwing. Integrate your data between Fogwing and Apps supported by Zapier for data accuracy and realtime insights. It is FREE.
Fogwing and Zapier Integration

Fogwing IIoT + Zapier Integration

zapier icon

Automate with any Cloud, SaaS and Apps out there.

Do you want more action with your IoT Data available in Fogwing? Zapier Platform provides power to automate the data flow between Fogwing and thousands of apps supported. Fogwing Industrial IoT Community Users may integration by creating “triggers” and “actions” with Zapier for automation.

Execute integration between Fogwing and other apps as data driven.

Explore Zapier supported Apps for your automation workflow requirements.

Take your data to any third-party apps as and when required. 

Trigger data alerts, messages and instructions to your engineers through official channels.

Custom integrations with popular apps

Take your IoT data anywhere through custom integration using Zapier Platform. Gate to Digital World!

Fogwing and Zapier Integration Flow

Pre-built Zapier Templates for Quick Launch

  • Data Triggers

    Create your automation workflow in Zapier and trigger it based on your IoT data received in Fogwing Platform.

  • Actions

    Execute list of actions in machines through Fogwing based on your user inputs and commands in their favorite apps.

  • Templates

    Leverage prebuilt templates to quickly deploy given integration between Fogwing and other Apps with just few clicks.

Fogwing Zapier Integration Templates

Be the first to trigger your integration through zapier!

Try Fogwing and Zapier for FREE

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