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How today’s Technology can improve Livestock Monitoring System

Livestock Management

Livestock management is crucial in India as it remains inter twinned with agriculture and together ensures food security to the entire population. As a result of its inter connection with agriculture, livestock as an occupation provides livelihood to thousands across the country. Have you thought of how secure and productive the livestock monitoring system in India has been so far? If not, its time to pay some serious attention to how much production and longevity patterns are affecting in India’s annual profits and in the lives of those who depend on livestock for their income.

As accounted by the Department of Animal Husbandry and Dairy (DAHD) of India, 2012 witnessed a 3.33% of dip in livestock population; on the contrary off late, 2019 saw a 4.6% increase in livestock population from previous census. Though, the population of livestock in India has witnessed a significant growth, management of the same still resorts to age old manual techniques that opens high risks of loss. Evolving climate change, atmosphere, food quality and increase in livestock population requires a change in method of management from manual to automation for better and reliable outcomes! Yeah, latest technology is what the livestock sector needs with ever changing external conditions that affect the livestock longevity.

Internet of Things (IoT) based Real-time Monitoring solution
Internet of Things (IoT) technology being the latest of its kind in automation solution offers ample scope for livestock monitoring in different categories of harnessing and monitoring. IoT technology, provides ability to automate livestock monitoring system and alert functions amid livestock and bridges the gap between owners and their livestock. By implementing IoT technology you transform your ‘manual livestock management’ to “smart” livestock monitoring system.

How can IoT technology be implemented in livestock management through monitoring?
IoT enabled GPS tracking sensors are deployed on each livestock in the form of wearable belts that collect real-time positioning and tracking data and communicate to a IoT cloud through various wireless models (3G / 4G, LoRaWAN etc. Data of various categories are consolidated in the IoT cloud, analyzed by computing algorithms to recognize and record activities/patterns of livestock on a regular basis. This approach prevents manual monitoring that often is a close to impossible task on a regular basis at a huge farm/grazing land. The available data can be used to trigger automated SMS / Email messages on nearing threshold limits as a warming and on reaching threshold as an alert that requires immediate action. All this data can be accessed by caretakers and owners of livestock anywhere, anytime through mobile app for clarity of information on the health, location, behavior patterns and so on.

Let’s observe the list of application solution that help elevate your experience with monitoring livestock.

Track location of livestock
Proximity and motion detection sensors track the location of livestock within a large vicinity when not in its shelter. These sensors collect data on livestock movements from time to time that are in the form of digital data. Digital data is then converted to readable formats upon its consolidation in the IoT cloud and is further made accessible through the dashboard of your platform/App. Real-time data is analyzed against the boundary limits set for livestock to move within and will send alerts if boundary limits are crossed, animal is lost or not traceable.

Understand interests of your livestock
Once let out of their shelter, livestock move from place to place (to drink water, to graze, to rest, to eat cooked food and so on) until they are called/directed back to their shelter. The sequences of where they go differs with change in season to suit their routine need. With IoT based GPS detection sensors and proximity sensors, you can trace regular movements. IoT devices sending similar data overtime can help to analyze and establish a pattern for your reference that enable you to understand behavioral habits and seasonal food habits of your livestock from season to season. The better you understand the better results.

Breed performance analysis
You might wonder and struggle on how to keep a track of what best suits a certain breed in your entire livestock. You need not worry if you opt for IoT based monitoring. IoT monitoring empowers you with its strategically analytical features and IoT cloud-based storage and monitoring to draw patterns of how each livestock behaves in terms of food intake, habits and production quantity, quality and thereby help you opt for the right breed for your environment. Directly, it enables you with decision taking at crucial times on investing on livestock breeds.

Livestock health monitoring
Managing a livestock almost equals taking good care of your own kids, it’s as important as that, you know! Old techniques of monitoring health of each animal in a livestock through manual methods of checks and accounting details of physical health is a tedious task that could possibly result in missing out accuracy and routine checks of certain animals in the livestock. Replacing those animals are possible; yet, remember its your investment and any loss or replacement hinders production and profit margins. All you must do is deploy IoT based body pulses and body temp sensor wearable’s onto your livestock and update yourself with health conditions of each animal in your livestock. Various parameters on which health updates of your livestock will be accessible on the dashboard on your application/platform in accordance to the set data rules.

How Fogwing IoT Apps help owners and caretakers of Livestock’s adopt IoT technologies easily?
Fogwing IoT Apps are web-based application systems that encompass IoT infrastructure to solve complex business and practical challenges. Fundamentally Fogwing IoT Apps are custom application modules on top of the Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform. Fogwing IoT Apps based Monitoring Solution will address above discussed Livestock management challenges.

As part of the Fogwing IoT Apps – Livestock and Environment management system package, we provide sensor devices that measure Proximity, Motion detection, Air Temperature and Moisture along with wireless Gateway / Router which will be deployed within the shelter and farm premises. These sensors are internet connected based; collect data on location, health, atmosphere temperature and grass moisture levels and send it to Fogwing IoT Cloud infrastructure. In the Fogwing IoT cloud infrastructure, all data’s will be analysed by our advanced data processing engine to validate the data integrity and accuracy. Owners / caretakers may set a threshold against these data sets to trigger automated alert for prevention of damage and loss of livestock in farmlands. The customer can also access this data through Fogwing Web application dashboard. In case the threshold limits are being reached or has exactly reached, Fogwing will send signals to the microcontroller to turn on the fan of water sprinklers (depending on the data threshold) to act on maintaining the preferred conditions within grazing land.

In conclusion, we can assure that Fogwing IoT technology enables you to track and monitor livestock as well as farmlands for easy operational management and business results. It caters to your need of understanding your livestock and their immediate needs that in turn facilitates you to make the right decision on planning a routine management system from time to time.

At Factana, through our Fogwing Industrial IoT platform, we offer constructive solutions that enable you to achieve your goals. Fogwing works to provide systematic operations within farmlands and amid livestock to ensure close maintenance, care and monitoring. As a cognitive platform, Fogwing helps you access real time data that improves your Livestock maintenance standards. Fogwing platform is engineered to suit your needs and provide services that lead to success stories! Grab the opportunity at sight, collaborate and experience tech wonders!
If you have further question or interest to understand more, please write to us info@factana.com

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