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Precise Production Execution with BOM Software

Materials are critical for production. Create accurate production planning for a complex Bill of Materials easily. 

Bill of Materials Software for Manufacturers

In Manufacturing, materials inventory is the foundation for any production planning and execution. SFactrix Smart MES offers an inbuilt Bill of Materials software for SMB Manufacturers. Centralizing the complex product BOM through Cloud Service helps to access it anytime from anywhere for timely planning of materials availability and restocking.

simple to complex BOM

Easy to Create Simple or Complex BOM Structure.

Whether you do Make to Order or Make to Stock manufacturing, designing a bill of materials in proper structure empowers the manufacturers to execute production seamlessly.

As an Excel alternative, digitalizing the Bill of Materials (BOM) model through Bill of Materials Software provides efficiency in planning and executing production for simple or complex materials processes.  

Throw away your Excel BOM sheets and explore all the possibilities with SFactrix for Bill of Materials Management

Combine Materials and Processes for a holistic BOM solution

Mature manufacturers follow the Bill of Materials with a combination of the list of required materials and followed processes, to produce a product. Bundling materials and processes elevate the production planning more accurately. with SFactrix BOM solution, customers gain complete visibility of materials planning, production planning and execution. 

Explore the possibilities of making your manufacturing operations reach the highest maturity with SFactrix.

Materials and Process Combo
BOM Production Cost Estimation

Accurate Manufacturing Cost Estimation with BOM

Every production must have accurate estimation and execution to meet the making-cost goals. Proper materials planning, streamlines assembly processes and rejection less execution can only meet such goals.

SFactrix BOM Solution provides features to estimate the making cost accurately by combining the materials requirements and processes together. The cost of making can be compared against actual production execution to arrive at the cost deviations.

Explore this promising feature of SFactrix BOM and learn to meet your making-cost estimation effortlessly.

Everything You Need To Run The Digital Factory

An MES Software provides smart features to prepare, plan and execute factory floor operations uniformly. It also tracks the progress in real-time and increases agility to align as the day demands. 

SFactrix MES / MOM Software provides all the features required to run lean manufacturing operations. The inbuilt AI-based Manufacturing Intelligence module provides Performance KPIs, Downtime Alerts, Loss based Metrics, Scrap Trends, MTTR and MTBF, etc

Why Choose SFactrix

Cloud Service

Everything is offered as Software as Service. No upfront investment.

Smart MES

Not just scheduling, embedded with the entire Production Execution

Inbuilt BOM

Single View of Work Order Planning and Job Scheduling

WO Automode

AI recommended automatic planning and scheduling. - The Smart Factory Software

Kickstart your Smart Factory transformation from the production floor by enforcing Manufacturing Execution Software.  Trash your paper-based job card and process monitoring approach. Get ready for Industry 4.0! 

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