Drive your innovation by analyzing the information
provided by your equipment and machinery.

Deploy Sensors; Listen to the data generated by your machines to analyze, plan, predict and innovate your future! All-in-One as IoT Apps Solution.

Digital Manufacturing

Attach IoT enabled sensors to your critical shop floor machines; track the running time, heat, vibration to measure Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and predict the maintenance before it breaks. Achieve higher production efficiency with Fogwing Machine Metrics;

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Environment Monitoring

Install IoT enabled sensors in your cold storage environment; Establish process to measure quality of the temp, humidity and Air Pressure; Trigger Alerts; Always ready for audit and regulation compliances.

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Asset Tracking and Management

Make your industrial assets internet connected; Track your movable assets within your sites with Fogwing; Measure the hours of usage, distance and misuses. Receive Alerts when moved out of premises!

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Livestock Monitoring

Attach GPS tracker to your Livestock; Track to learn the movements of your Livestock upto 10kms. Protect and Predict your asset activities with Fogwing.

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Polyhouse Farming Monitoring

Deploy IoT sensors to monitor the weather conditions within Polyhouses to understand climate impacts; Measure Temp, Humidity, CO2 level to predict and prepare for better yield; Receive SMS Alerts before damage occurs in your investments.

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Food Safety Predictions

Managing the food storage and preparation in proper temperature is the critical safety compliance for any food processing industry; Deploy Internet enabled Sensors in storage and processing area to monitor the safe measures remotely with Fogwing!

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