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White label our IoT platform. Build your brand.

Building your own IoT solution for your customers? Leverage Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform for IoT device management and data processing. Show your customers by white labelling with your brand. 
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Create your own environment for your customers

Pay per Usage

No need to reinvent the IoT Platform. Use our IoT Platform and pay only for your usage.

Lower Investment

No upfront investment and complex operational expenses required. We manage it for you.

Faster Go To Market

With our No-Code Platform, launch your IoT business within few days. We will help you in technology.

How to leverage our Industrial IoT Platform

Device Management

Developing your own IoT device management from ground-up is complex and requires time consuming efforts. Bring your own device, get it connected with Fogwing IIoT Platform and manage it remotely. All under your venture.

Data Processing

IoT devices generates plenty of data which required significant computing capacity to process and storage. Leverage our No-Code data processing engine and shared storage service at lowest cost ever.

Customized Notification

Data rules and alerts are critical for IoT based solution. Customize your own email template, SMTP server to send your IoT data solution and notification to your customer in your brand name.

Custom Integration

Your IoT Solution, Your Data. Take your data to anywhere and anytime with prebuilt integration services. Leverage your data to create business application or mobile app to serve your customer requirements.

Fogwing White labelling templates

Our Platform. Your Branding

We made our Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform as easy enough to implement any IoT Solution without writing complex coding and deployment. We simplified it for you, so you can focus on deploying your IoT Solutions for your customer without any overhead in development, hosting and maintenance. 

By white labelling our platform with your brand of logo, color template and domain, you can grow your business and company brand faster. 

Bring Your Own Devices

Have you created an IoT device or gateway specific to your IoT Solution or you want to design a new IoT device as per your solution requirements. We support both by providing freedom to use or build engagement. Bring your own device, get it connected with Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform without any limitation. 

If not, leverage our Fogwing DevKit to rapidly build your IoT solution. Fogwing DevKit is the prebuilt PCB and firmware framework customize it according to your needs. Either way, you can go to market faster.

Bring your device
Fogwing web and mobile app

Get a Web and Mobile App

End customer need faster and quicker access to the data and metrics generated by your IoT Solution. Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform provides APIs (Application Programming Interface) for digital channels such as mobile and tablet application to connect. 

You can build you custom web and mobile application for your IoT Solution by leverage our APIs. Need help to build your custom app, get help of our engineers to create it for you. 

We run. Your Grow

Hosting and running IoT solution required technical capabilities in cloud technologies, monitoring and optimization practice for higher availability, security and compliance. 


We bundle everything together as part of our managed services support to help you focus on your business rather than operational challenges. We host, monitor and manage our Fogwing Platform, so you need not worry about it. 


Everything is package as part of our subscription service.

Fogwing managed support service

Explore Our Platform

Do you want to explore more about Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform before white labelling? Get started FREE by creating your account in our platform. No Commitment. No Credit Card Required. 


Development Support

Do you need expertise in achieving your IoT Solution rapidly? Our team of technical specialist are specialized in rolling out IoT projects within short span of time.

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