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Indoor Air Quality Monitoring at School

Fogwing Eco is the air quality monitoring system that provides real-time data and alerts to help administration mitigate risk of health issue and productivity at school.
Indoor Air Quality Monitoring at School

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Today, indoor air quality monitoring is crucial for school administration to continue the mission of education future generations!

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Fogwing Eco is the combination of  Indoor Air Quality monitoring device and web application combined together. The Eco App AQM (Air Quality Monitoring) device comes with 5-in-1 sensor for measuring indoor air quality and send data to the cloud. The Web App hosted on the secure cloud helps us visualize the classroom and school air quality conditions through web and mobile interfaces. 

This IoT (Internet of Things) based solution is available as one time purchase with lifetime usability license. The device installation does not require any technical knowledge. School staff can simply plugin the power and start see the classroom air quality conditions remotely. 

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Suitable for Schools
$ 90
Per Kit
  • WIFI Based
  • 5-in1 Sensor
  • 2 Year App
  • Data Alerts
  • Reports

Key Features of Fogwing Eco Software Solution

web and mobile interface

Cloud hosted Manufacturing Intelligence Software as a Service. No upfront investment . Low operational expenses.

Plug-In. Monitor!

Accessible in Desktop and Mobile from anywhere. No installation or configuration required. No HMI required.

WIFI Network

Prebuilt integration with Fogwing IIoT Platform. Just connect any equipment and start tracking the performance.


Personalized Demo, Documentation and Training programs to support. 12x5 operational support services.

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why air quality monitoring
Top 5 Reasons of IAQM:

After home, our children are spending most of their time in schools only. As per EPA guidelines, the School Administration have the responsibility of establishing a favorable learning environment by protecting the health and supporting the productivity for both students, teachers and staff members…

Fogwing Eco - 5 in 1 Indoor Air Quality Monitoring.

Special offer for Non-Profit schools

Buy Once. Use Lifetime.

Just buy. Plug-in. Start monitoring the CO2, VOC and other harmful pollutants at realtime. No Contract. No recurring payment.

Make the school as best place for children. 

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does Fogwing Eco Monitor?

Fogwing Eco AQM Kit equipped with 5 sensors to read the air particle parameters such as CO2, temperature, humidity, airborne chemicals (TVOC, CH2O).

How to get notified when air quality issue

Fogwing Eco Application provide rule engine to set higher and lower volume data alerts which will be delivered through Email and SMS (add-on).

How does Fogwing Eco Device Communicate?

The AQM Kit comes with WIFI and Bluetooth wireless network connector that can connect to Internet.

is it possible to create report

Fogwing Eco App provides Data Explorer through which you can compare and extract report from cloud.

How to see the IAQ Data in Fogwing Eco?

Fogwing Eco devices are preconfigured to send data to Fogwing Eco App. Web and Mobile friendly eco app helps to see the data metrics at anytime.

How long Eco app can be used

Fogwing Eco devices are comes with 2 year warranty. However Eco Web App can be used as long as device lifetime.

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