Enterprise IIoT Platform for Industrial Automation

Fogwing is an Industrial IoT (IIOT) platform based on Edge and Fog Computing principles to automate industrial operations by deploying sensors and edges across units. The platform provides capabilities to measure and monitor machinery health, aggregate data and predict operational efficiency based on predictive intelligence. Our edge device SDKs are powered with inbuilt data persistence and command execution capabilities. These edge devices can be deployed to perform comparative analyses at on-premises to trigger alerts and actions locally. The Fogwing Enterprise Cloud supports to simplify the edge deployment, device management and patch release management across thousands of connected devices seamlessly.

Connect, Collect, Analyze and Automate! IIoT is Simplified.

Fogwing – Industrial Internet of Things Platform

Our next generation IIoT platform comes with edge-to-apps capabilities to address various industrial use cases from industrial environment monitoring, asset tracking, machine health monitoring and operational processes automation etc. We also provides fully ready edge devices, gateways, secure private network and API services to integration with your enterprise application seamlessly. Customers can also develop and deploy automation workflows without any IoT technology expertise. The extended analytics platform provides data driven analytical processes to predict operational challenges and automation excellence at lower TCO!

Fogwing Platform

Whether you are a small manufacturer or market leader, Fogwing provides self-service features to help you develop, test, deploy, monitor and manage any IoT requirements at your own phase.

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Comprehensive Features of Fogwing Platform

Well-crafted capabilities are built to meet all IoT based automation requirements.
  • Fog Computing

    Sensors and Edge Gateways with computational power to process locally.

  • Deployable Containers

    Dockerized apps ready to be deployable to devices remotely.

  • Secure Network

    Supports to send data over private Lorawan, ZigBee network or public WIFI.

  • Plug-n-Play Configuration

    Pick and choose devices and configuration to plug into existing apps account.

  • Cloud Storage

    Collect, consolidate and persist MQTT data in Data Lake for cold or hot data processing.

  • Intelligent Alerts

    Streaming the data for realtime analytics with Machine Learning to predict issues.

  • Web Experience

    Portal for Developers, Admins and Operational Manager to play around.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Apps

    SaaS based Operational Metrics and Alerts accessible across any devices.

  • API Services for BYOA

    OpenAPI based digital interfaces for customer to integrate with own apps.

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Industrial IoT Insights

Why Manufacturers need to deploy Cognitive Edge devices at the production floor?

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