Fogwing Industrial IoT Platform – Community Cloud

The Community Cloud of Fogwing edition is the foundation of our Enterprise grade Industrial IoT Platform. We strongly believe that community driven product would outshine industrial needs. The community users can perform any IoT prototype and pilot projects without any investment in infrastructure for device management, data aggregation and comparative analyses to trigger alerts and actions.

Industrial IoT is Simplified!

How it works

Create Account

By signing up in Fogwing Community portal you will gain access to the cloud platform.

Connect Devices

Build you own IoT device (with Raspberry PI, Adriano or IoT Gateway) program to connect to our MQTT or APIs to push sensor data to the Fogwing community cloud.

Configure Rules

Configure your data rules by defining threshold limits of data that streams through community cloud.

Receive Alerts

Based on the rules, our streaming engine processes and triggers alerts to you. All events captured and stored.

Consume to Automate

Call the community cloud APIs to receive data and process your automation requirements.

Everything you need to build to prove your IoT projects.

Features of Fogwing Community Edition
  • Platform as a Service

    Enterprise grade IoT Platform available as a service for community

  • Device management

    Supports to deploy any devices, gateway and channels to build custom iot Solution

  • Web Experience

    Web portal accessible from anywhere from anywhere to build, deploy and control devices.

  • Data Stream Engine

    Collect Consolidate and persist MQTT data in Stream Services for processing.

  • Data Rules & Alerts

    Apply conditions and thershold rules against data to set alert notificatons.

  • API Integration Services

    Open API based integration interfaces for community users to integrate with your applications.

  • Secure Network

    Supports to send device data over secure network channel of MQTT nad APIs.

  • Cloud Community

    Cloud based Community center for user collabration and support

  • 100% Complementary

    No trail period; Comm unity users can use the platform indefinitely.

Why should you register today?

  • Early access to platform

    Registered users will be invited to access your account automatically. No sales call!

  • Accessibility to Platform Team

    Appreciation of interest, early users will have to reach platform team to provide feedback and Wishlist directly.

  • Opportunity to lead community

    Gain access to community portal to lead the group of users and gain ACE member privileges.

  • Visibillity in platform roadmap

    Be the First one to get visibility of product roadmap and release features to promote your solutions.

  • ACE Privilege in Enterprise version

    ACE members will get access into Enterprise version to experiment advance level of features

If you are not sure where to start your IoT Journey?

Feel free to call us and get guidance.