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Fogwing Named in Frost Radar™ as Top Digital Industrial Platforms

The competitive benchmark analysis published by Frost & Sullivan’s Global Digital Industrial Platforms Growth Opportunities study in 2022.

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Over 600 providers, Factana (Provider of Fogwing Industrial Cloud) named as AGITATORs among top 33 companies in Frost Radar™.

Frost & Sullivan’s follows proprietary research methodology and algorithm with assigned Growth Index and an Innovation Index score ranging from 1 to 5 to each company based on the analysis of 10 criteria. The intersection of both scores determined each company’s position on the Frost Report.

After a comprehensive analysis of performance focused on this report, Frost & Sullivan independently plotted 33 of the most significant Digital Industrial Platforms provider companies in 2022 in this Frost Radar™ analysis. Factana (provider of Fogwing Industrial Cloud) named as agitators category. Explore Fogwing Industrial Cloud here.

Frost Radar™: Digital Industrial Platforms, 2022 covers the following topics to provide complete insights.

  • Strategic Imperative and Growth Entertainment
  • Frost’s Radar Digital Industrial Platforms
  • Companies in Action
  • Strategic Insights
  • Leveraging Frost Radar to Empower Key Stakeholders
  • Benchmarking Future Growth

Learn more by downloading the report from Frost and Sullivan. 

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